Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are VANKERS!!~~, 4

Do you know?~~ the HAN-geul? Americas' alphabet have big, and smalls. But, Korea's only have ONE size! And, simply squashy it's form for how you need it for the syllable. Example: "" in "나쁜 일본 " . So easy! Thusly, Korea have the %100 literate ratio. Japan just below 6% literacy because, it's write is so complex and they have the brain with so much mercury because Japan's fishes are so poison.
Do you know that Hangul is unique that we can only write by hand or use computer? Squashy the "ㄴ" etc. can't done on the typewriter. So Korea did ;nt have typewriters because the type-writers doesn't understand our unique culture.  But, the VANKER'S know the 한글 and tell you as the follow:

  1. 최선: "We have Korean Hangul. Hangul made in Sejong, it's famous for scientific. If you visit Korea, it will be very beautiful place. I thank you for reading to my introduction." 
  2. 김별희:"Nowadays, Japan is insisting that Dok-do is their territory, however, Dok-do is definitely Korean territory. Korea has 5000 years of history. Korea has their own culture. for example, Korea has their language called Han gul. It is simple and scientific language."
  3. 오진화: "Hangeul is almost unique alphabet made only by men. It was created modeled after vocal organs, so it`s very comfortable to use and well-balanced to write. I wish you to learn more about Hanguel, and write it yourself."
  4. 김예은: "Hangul is a type of a language and it's a language of Korea. It was created by king SeJong in 1446. It can characterise every language using 14 vowels and 10 consonents. The excellence of Hangul is best known in worldwide. Especially, it's the best suitable language in information age."
  5. 이지혜: "We use Hangul as our written language. This is really a scientic and systemetic phonemic alphabet that was invented in 1912. The worldwide famouse author,Paul Buck, praised that Hangul was the greatest language existing in the world. Hangul is also used as a written language of an Indonesian minority group called Cia-cia."
  6. 송윤희: "Hangeul is one of the major assets, it was created by King Sejong and has used since 1443.I will talk about excellence of Hangeul, Hangeul is only letters having invention record in the world. Also, Hangeul is scientific and organized language created by modeling shape of the larynx.  It was designated as National Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world."
  7. 남아경: "Korean people call it 'hangul'. Hangul is made by king segong and scholars. Hangul consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Hangul has 8000 different kinds of sound and it is possible to write each sound. And korean illiteracy rate is near the zero percent mark, because Hangul is easy. Therefore, Hangul is evaluated as scientific language."
  8. 조상은: "Our representative traditional cutrual heritage are Hangul, Hanbok ,Hansik, and so on. One of these , Hangul , is independently made by our country. At the present time, Hangul is regarded of the most scientific and systematic in the world."
  9. 김기철: "One example of unique Korean culture is Hangul, the Korean alphabet. There are no records in history of a king made a writing system for the benefit of the common people except in Korea. The Korean alphabet has an exact purpose and objective. So its use cannot be compared with other languages.  so people have to memorize all of them, but the Korean alphabet is made of phonetic letters just like English. Anyone can learn Hangul in a day, that is why it is called 'morning letter'. It is easy to learn because it can be put together with 10 vowels and 14 consonants. Hangul has 11,000 different kinds of sound and it is possible to write each sound. Because Japanese letters imitate Chinese characters, they cannot be used without Chinese characters. The chinese government secretly sent scholars to the United States to alphabetize its language. Chinese is too difficult to learn, therefore the illiteracy rate is very high. Chinese thought it would weaken national competitive power. Hangul has an independent reading and writing system. It can be used on its own, but some old generations like to use Hangul along with Chinese characters education. This is an anachronism and absolutely against the globalization of Hangul. Even the Chinese government recognized the weak points of its writing system for the coming 21st century. Latin was used as an official language of the Roman Catholic church. It has been used as a custom or religious authority for people who in Western societies, Latin is disappearing. Hangul was invented 500 years ago. but it has only been used for 100 years by all Koreans. Now it is standing in the world proudly with its value. Korean has been chosen as a foreign language in some universities in the United States Australia. Now large Korean companies are building Factories in some Asian and Eastern European countries. These companies have invested a lot of money. The managers of those companies are also learning Hangul. It is time to invest money and to make an effort to develop Hangul for the 21st century like the French government has done. The language of the future has a strong economic value. Hangul is seven times faster in computer operation ability than Chinese or Japanese. When Windows 95 appears on your screen, Hangul is breathing on the tips of your fingers beyond the time barrier. The 21st century will be the age of information. National competitive power depends on the quantity and quality of information. Therefore the national goal for the Clinton administration is to end illiteracy. The American literacy rate is only 79%. The Korean illiteracy rate is near the zero percent mark, because Hangul is easy."
  10. 배효진: King Sejong, the greatest king of Joseon, always concerned about his country. At that time, people had to learn Chinese characters to read and write. Therefore, since only people of aristocratic class knew how to write poetry, King Sejong invented Hangul in 1446.A few years ago, there was an academic conference in France which many linguists attended. Although Korean scholars did not participate, there was a discussion that it might be good to use Korean as an official language. On May of 1986, a professor of Seoul National University visited an university in England. There, a professor called Geoffrey Sampson said as for Hangul that it is very unique to make a letter imitating speech organs. He also said that Hangul is very systematic and excellent. Finally, on October 1st, 1997, UNESCO appointed Hunminjeongeum as Memory of the World. Also, when Oxford University ranked every language according to the rationality, originality, and so on, Hangul held the first place.Hangul is the only written language that was made in a very short period of time. The most world-widely used letter is Roman characters and Chinese characters which took about 3000 years to be completed. On the contrary, Hangul took less than 25 years. Furthermore, Hangul is the only letter we know the inventor, and very scientific to copy speech organs. It is also easy to learn and as many linguists say, the best letter in the world. Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, who wrote "The Good Earth", described King Sejong as "Korean Leonardo da Vinci". Hangul, indeed, is Korea's proud cultural heritage."
WOW~!! Can the America's alphabet do as that? No~~!!


    José María said...

    I guess you deserve the happiest Christmas I can think of!
    Merry Christmas!

    @koreangov said...

    Happy Christma!

    Do you know Jesuse is a KOREAN?

    So, I think it should be call a Koreastmas.

    José María said...

    According to the number of red neon crosses in big Korean cities, you must be right.
    In any case, Happy Koreatmas!

    Brian said...

    Han Gul is so easy even a woman can read it.

    dokebi said...

    Hangeul is so easy that it doesn't suit Koreans who r rlly smart.

    But Koreans were smart enough to develop it.

    Its now used by Indonesians & dark skinned ppl.

    Anonymous said...

    Funny post. But actually, there were manual Korean typewriters (as well as electric). I was browsing the flea markets and saw a bunch. There's this one company, Clover, that makes them.

    Anonymous said...

    Just to let you know, there is no such thing as a American alphabet (yeah, that's how you right it, not america's alphabet). The alphabet English uses (American is derived from the British English language) is the Roman alphabet. This alphabet is indeed the most widely used language in the world and developed in Europe based on the Greek alphabet more than 2000 years ago.
    The difference in literacy rate is possibly more due to the difference between education system in the 2 countries. As everyone knows the education system in the States is not fair to all of its citizens. The literacy rate in North West Europe is 99%, although they use the Roman alphabet.

    What Korea needs is a sense a realism. You're not the top country in the world, you're not the smartest people in the world. We Flemish (Belgium), although we don't live for our education just as Finland, and still we rank at the top, next to Korea, in the PISA results.

    A Belgian exchange student in Seoul