Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We are "VANKERS"!!~~

Do you know VANKERS such as this??

There is the VOLUNTEER AGENCY NETWORK of KOREA("VANK) with the members. We call them a VANKER.  Who, is a VANKER? They comprise a patriotic, and a fanatic for the KOREA. Some are korean and also the foreigners.  VANK is dispel the agitprop of the JAPAN and tell a truth of Korea.  Let's a introduce several several VANKERS who do the introduce a KOREA to YOU(foreigner).

To day, VANKERs willl teach the Korean's history!!

  1. 장애영: "First of all, Korea is small country. But Korea has 5000 years history. So there are many beautiful cultural heritages. And there are a lot of attractions. Korea has 4 seasons. spring,summer,fall,winter. Each season has a unique attraction."
  2. 신혜원: "Korea has 5000 years history. So, we have many beautiful, amazing remains. so, we have the confidence of them, and many foreigners visite Korea to see them." 
  3. 양지원: "And during the 5 thousand years of history, Korea has advanced its own culture. Korea has its own language, own clothes, own foods, own style of building and so on.  Especially Han-gul, the Korean language, is created by King Sejong during Joseon Dynasty. And their scientific superiority is demonstrated by the world's philologists."
  4. 박세영: "Korea has5000 years of history. And Korea has plentiful and beautiful culture and beautiful nature."
  5. 황종원: "It has a history of 5,000 years. Our ancestors have developed our own original culture for a long time. They had the virtue of respecting the elderly, helping each other. So those kind of manners are exist in Korean people's gene. Korea has four seasons. So, you can enjoy the variety and beauty of each season."
  6. 고재은: "Korea has 5 thousand years of history. So Korea has admirable cultural Iteams. especially, I want to introduce Hanbok. Hanbok is our traditional clothes. Hanbok is very beautiful. Straight line which is streched out and curved lines forms perfect harmoney and provides the beauty which is the best"
  7. 이혜정: "Korea has 5 thousand years of history. And Korea has many cultural Iteams, too. For example, there are Han bok, which is korean traditional cloth and the tae- kun do which have been famoused widly. Hanbok is a little bit uncomfortable but it's colour is beautiful." 
  8. 권지원: "What I want to tell you is about our things that are facing serious crises. Firstly, Dokdo is distorted as a territory of Japan. Dokdo has been our territory for 50 million years. This is proved by several documentary records. Secondly, the east sea is known as the sea of Japan. Even though many Koreans try to notify that the east sea is correct there are still several people who don't know about that fact."
  9. 정다현: "i am really proud of our country additionally we have a excellent culture our country has a history whcih continue almost 5000 years! come to our country and call me and then i will introduce our country and our culture"
  10. 한혜지: "My country has existed about 5000 years. That is very long time compared with other country. And not one of several tribes of China. Because Korea has the way about charateristic like traditional tools, language, traditional clothes, and etc...So I want you to realize that our country is not affected by other country in the founding of country." 
After, @koreangov will introduce the more VANKER'S expertise on one another facets of the Korea.  Your hospitalized is request.


    José María said...

    And I thought that 5,000 years was a lot. 50 Million! Dokdo has been ours for 50 million years!
    I can't stop it!
    I really hope they get it!
    This is insane!
    50 million years...

    Brian said...

    I am interest VANK also, and when I am practice in English I read that. There is so much of Korea history five Thousandd years ago, but nowadays foreigners can not know well about that.Frankly speaking, korea is Mecca of culture.So, VANK is introduce to kimchi and hanbok to the world!!1 Go KORAE!

    I want share you the clause of VANK writing. It is from my senior BomYi Lim who is go to Usa. he say America have only 200 year's history, so it is not long time. When I visit usa I am think perfectly like that! So i was so surprised! Here is BomYi say:
    I think Korean’s pride is hidden in the people’s mind. They love their school, and they love Korea, however, they do not express it. I think they worry that the pride might appear to be arrogant. We should express our pride. If we do not, nobody knows it. When we think our nation proudly, others will think that too. I think all kinds of pride in Americans made America, the America. It was very nice experience for me to see Americans’ pride which is not yet in Korea, but should be in Korea. I hope, someday, we can be proud of ourselves, our schools, and our nation which made us more valuable.
    nowadays korean peoples not so proud their culture. In USA you can see many flags of USA, but in Korea not so many. nowadays korean peoples not want share there culture to foreiners and are so shy. but i am want change that. korea is hub of Asia and Mecca of world. korea is become develop and grobalize, and global is become KORENIZE! thank you to read my comment! ^^

    Brian said...

    o! I am forget the page of bomyi:

    Brian said...

    oh, it is spain man? or span woman? jose maria! ^^

    it is not false. korea is exist to dinosors. Scientists did find native Korean dinosors in Korea 8000만 80000000 years ago, which have 100 million years culture and history and Scientific language. i heard about that.

    Ajay said...

    I find the VANK interviews overly arrogant. They make Korea the "bestestest" place in the world. Come on, every country has some flaws.

    I guess Koreangov-mania is spreading. Everyone will be charmed by Koreangov's English.

    Guess what? I learning too. I now more practice and is good in few days.

    chiam said...

    I desire to write contrast words here. Howevertheless I notice that "Word Verfication" needs me type 5000yearhistory to authentize my reality! fighting!

    Otto Silver said...


    고고 치암!

    matt said...

    "Mountain Poet" of American letters Jesse Stuart feels the same as BomYi Lim, or so it seems from this 1963 poem in Korea Journal.

    VANUSA said...

    Korea, hub of The COUPLE-BOK Global culture

    I am pretty assure you know the Korea 5000years history. but, maybe your knowing of the COUPLE-BOK culture is no. Why, you don't know about!? Oh, my god!! SHIT!!! kkk~

    Then, let's try a study it~

    COUPLE-BOK is for the two lovers enjoy of wearing same the clothes. Because Korean people is loving the share together. Not the Japanes style of single enjoy for example Playstation just a one guy in room and 2P is a VS CPU. Or ddalddal is lonely in crowding subway, not the room salon service together with a friends.

    Especially, COUPLEBOK lovely honeymoon journey to Korean representative tropical island Jeju Island. Or, the Saipan. Every of your friends donating a congratulations to the upload handphone photo to Cyworld hompy! It is a too fun~

    Everybody, introduce to COUPLE-BOK culture~~ enjoyment doing the global style~~~

    Flint said...

    Korea has 4 seasons? I thought they had 5. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Rainy.

    Anonymous said...

    you forgot yellow dust season.