Monday, December 28, 2009

"Culture Ministry to Create New Korean Wave Abroad"

"Culture Ministry to Create New Korean Wave Abroad"

Do you recall  Korean Wave? No? It is because it isn't yet at a complete! So, the WAVE is atop you and it's resemble you being under the water. But the "배" gonna to rescue you (배용준, who is BAE, Yongjoon)!

That is a so interesting joke (~kekㅋㅋ)because 'Bae' is mean Boat and Bae (Yoongjoon). And, also the delicious Korean PEAR, with so many phytonutrient.

Almost Japan people love the WINTER SONATA, and the HYUNDAI SONATA. Frequently, Japan is sacrifice the child to graven idol of BAE, Yongjoon.  So, in order to levelup the Korea's Love and decrease the Japan Child, the COREAN GOVT (we) is planning to up-grade the Hallyu (which "mean korean wave  ") to deluge the ASIA, with a so strong like Asia 's tsunami in 2004! And, like the tsunami was some tragic (3 Gyopo's was kill at the Thai from the tsunami), the HALLYU employ the tragic in Romance Drama, as it make the Japan woman have the so humid in it's groin.     

How will we do?.
  • Ministry of CULTURE and Sports, and Tourism decree a new wave. Because culture is the dynamic infrastructure of our community’s intention to overcome the economic crisis.
  • Intimate the JAPS that Hallyu is forthcoming. And, then sell a Japan tourists the dried laver in copious.
  • Foment the PRIDE of KOREAN's, because it is so charm the foreigners. 
  • Reprieve the Samsung's LEE, Kun-hee from the gaol so that he may bribe the Olympics people to award the Olympic for Pyeongchang, 2014 ("Yes, PyeongChang! Traditional Culture PyeongChang!"). 
  • (Also, tell the chinaman that unless the Seoul 1988 olympic get the balance from a Pyeongchang 2014 olimpic the fengshui will do remain off-kilter to the detriment of the chinaman)  
  • Sell nuclear technology to the Mohammedan
  • Continue status of be better than your country, to nurture the reverie of the would-be traveller.
  • Again read  "The Secret" for ensure the plan vitals are not elude.
  • Subsidy the alphabet export to even browner people.

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José María said...

I would add that, as Christmas is over and the selling of Korean trees is on hold until next year, the Gov has to find new markets, like the Japanese or Chinese. And strongly support the Plastic Surgery Industry (PSI), disguised as Health Tourism, so more actors and actress show their nose job, eye job, boob job (a huge improvement from decades ago) and jobs I can't see or talk about, because I am not a E2 visa holder.