Wednesday, December 9, 2009

@koreangov Tweeters for the DEC 9st (OCT 23st in Lunar calendar)

  • Korean officials take huge hits of Ecstasy and Marujuana 대마초: 
  • North Korean food supply under further threat as disease threatens stock of Long Pig:
  • North Koreans dislike everything about James Bond Movie "Die Another Day" except for one thing:
  • Britney Spears becomes latest woman Korea Times believes to have a penis: (see also )
  • 9 years ago today (Dec. 9, 2000), Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel Peace Prize. That's the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, bitches.
  • "Survey: Koreans in Agony Look to Soju" ( )Also; Koreans in Korea Look to Soju
  • 만세! Korea has the OECD Number#1, Again! But please be modest in the celebrate so as not to die.
  • "Importantly, The Korea Times keeps its doors open to any suggestion" So true!      


danielle said...

Here's an Award-Winning Tweet for you:
(Not really a tweet. But really an award.)

@koreangov said...


Before we have a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE(Kim Dae-jug)and now we have the BLOGPRIZE. You make a very proud nation so more very very proud.