Monday, December 14, 2009

"Taliban warns Korea of 'Bad Consequences'"

"Taliban warns Korea of 'Bad Consequences'"

@koreangov  has the Government's Team's with expert consultors that give the Analyse and posit the maybe coinciquences that Talleban have threaten THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA with threats. If, COREA relay it's minuteman to the AFGANA.

(Do you know Why?? I will give the Back ground. :  Because, several several months before (solar calendar), Talliben captivate the Korea Christs disciple of twenty three(23) KOREAN Christains follow by KOREA ask the Taliban to discharge the christians who belive in YESU, (CHRIST) but Taleban do that when KOREA oath to not to envoy the KOREAN's to the AFGHANA. again.This because Teliban is not Christian, but catholics.  But, KOREA may gonna dispatch the warriors to the Afgan any way, so the TALENBAN give the intimidate of the Diplomat matters might become the hullabaloo. .) 
  1. AFGHANA will do an embargo the sell it's GHANA Chocolates  to Korea,
  2. Afghana govt will proscribe the Korean tourist from visit the popular Afgan Touristic sights, like the golfcourse, or, the Pyramids
  3. Afgana embassador will leave SEOUL and go back a Mumbai
  4. Afgahn stop to host Korean exchange student that want a study the German. 
  5. Tableban will captive the Koreans into a Afgahn house, and deprive of ONDOL heating, which was developed by Korea thousands of years ago. Also, its minimum 45 minutes drive to Koreatown.
  6. Afghan food also have so refried bean and much cheese and Tortilla, which the Koreans do'nt love.
  7. Afghan might to decrease import of finest Korea's Bauxite Ore and Bitumen.It is  truly Worlds' best bauxite ore and bitumen, and Korea rank at NO. # 3 on OECD Bauxite Ore and Bitumen index.
  8. Afghana might to level down the HALLYU FEVER, so  the Bae,YongJoon will feel so melancholy.. 


    José María said...

    Really great, @koreangov.

    Ajay said...

    "This because Teliban is not Christian, but catholics. " LMAO. I bow to thee.

    Corea man go Taliban kidnap. Coreana brave man (^_^) go Agfnaha spread Hallyu on Tallebn. Talleband catched K-pop feverish. WoW. Taliban like Kimchi filst times. Karzai licking Kimchi too. Karzai friend Taliban kimchi helping. Talleban forgetted warning Korea bad. coreana man bringed Karzai peace Afhhagn.

    Everybody all waygookin in Aghafna like Talleban, Karzai liking Uri Nara ^^.

    Flint said...

    Good stuff! :)

    corsair the rational pirate said...

    "This because Teliban is not Christian, but catholics."