Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are VANKERS!!~~, thre

And,VANKERS they have the expert on a various COREAN Foodstuffs..
  1. 유선영: "I'm glad to tell you about Korea. Do you know korean tradition food, Kimchi? Kimchi is one of the essential side dishes that we always eat with rice. Kimchi is well-known for prevent illness such as cancer, cholera and so on. Kimchi is mixed food with salted vegetables(like radish, cabbage, cucumber) and spices and condiments(like red pepper, garlic, green onion). Kimchi is one good way to store vegetable, so we could eat them in long, cold winter. While it is stored, it became ferment due to microorganism. Because it is fermentative food, we can get minerals and vitamins from Kimchi. Also, there are variety kinds of Kimchi - pickled young radishes , cubed white-radish kimchi, yeolmu kimchi and so on. You might taste little spicy when you eat Kimchi, but I recommend you to visit Korea and eat Kimchi someday."
  2. 한혜연: "Korea is division of territory. But,Korea has a long and proud history. Korea has four different seasons. The staple food of the Koreans is rice. or The Korean diet is built around rice. and then, developmented various sauce culture. The best-known Korean vegetable dish is Kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional dish of vegetables pickled in salt and usually red pepper paste which is then left to ferment until the taste is just right."
  3. 권주은: "You can think Kimchi when you think about Korea. Kimchi is the main example of the fermented food. Kimchi become famous now for its abundant nutrients and taste which prevents a variety of diseases."
  4. 소민희: "Have you ever heard of kim-chi? Not only korean but also foreigners love kim-chi. It's very famous. It has anti-cancer effet and contain a lot of vitamins. It is made of cabbage and pepper. Because of pepper, it's too spicy. but without kimchi korean can't eat anything. once you eat kim-chi you must love it."
  5. 곽원경: "Do you know how to make kimchi? Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish made up of salted white cabbage, garlic, red pepper powder and pickled shrimp. Becuase it's fermented vegetable, it's really good for our health. In addition, there are many kinds of kimchi so you can choose what you want. Nowadays, many foreigners know and like kimchi."
  6. 김수연: Koreans have pride in Kimchi, because nowadays, kimchi is well known food around the world for preventing cancer. But these days, Japanese are trying to make Kimchi their original food. Koreans have been making Kimchi from long time ago. And it's clear that kim chi is Korean traditional food.
  7. 박정인: "and I talk about Korean food. Do you know Kimchi? Kimch has a lactobacillus. also it is good for our health. so I like kimch. however, kimch is spicy, then most foreigners are don't like it. and korean food is very good for our health in the world. so we should eat lots of our korean foods."
  8. 이슬이: "Kimchi is one of the most famous Korean foods. Kimchee is a fermented food,so it's quite spicy and hot. Kimchi also prevent us from many sorts of adult diseases and cancer. To make Kimchi, you need some pickled korean cabbages, red peppers, some garlics, some salted fish ,and so on. And it's hard to make delicious Kimchi."
  9. 임다예: "A staple that accompanies Koreans on journeys across the world, kimchi is a pungent, fermented dish made from a range of vegetables—cabbage, cucumbers, seasoned with salt, garlic, green onions, ginger, red chili pepper and other herbs and spices. According to the magazine, kimchi is rich in Vitamins A, B and C and bacteria lactobacilli, healthful bacteria that aid digestion. Anyway, I would like you to try Kimchi. I think you will love it."
  10. 홍은진: "Korean like hot and spicy food. you would have heard Kimchi. Kimchi is now very famous food. it also approved by professional people and other country Bulgogi and Galbi are also famous."
DO you like the Cancer? I do n't.    ~~Let's Eat the kimchi.!!~~


    José María said...

    It's almost identical of what Microsoft Korea told me. I love these guys!

    Ajay said...

    Kimchi is curing all the problems like is cancer, is SARS, is also curing AIDS. Wow^^. You did not know?? ㄱㄱㄱ babo waygookin. Eat Kimchi alot and is no AIDS. Kimchi is also making life good and is strong. Our Korean men is serving military two years is verys strong. You eat Kimchi and is become strong. Kinchi sold is everywhere. Kimchi mostest scientific and is Hanguel. Japan snatching Kimchi and wrong. Korea only is make Kimchi make. and is very famous. All likes it. (^_^)

    Marilyn said...

    Oprah is seem to like a cancer. Boycott?