Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you know the GIRLS~GENERATION ??

Do you know a "GIRLS GENERATING" (SNSD,or SONYEO SHIDAE, that are also the 소녀시대)?

GIRLS-GENERATION, are so famous in the world. They are the Nine(9) beautiful girl with so beautiful. They sing and dance. Also, they also entice to the male. Here is an introduce:

WOW^^~~!! Did you see a that? They move as the high grass in an autumn breeze.

Pensive. But, so playful.! The coy. 
Who's can so willowy and lithe? The SNSD' Generation Only!

Who are the GIRL's Generation?? They are: 1)YOONA(임윤아),

  and 2)SOOYOUNG(최수영):

And there is also the 3)Yoo-NA(Hanja: 林潤娥) and the 4)Soo-YOUNG(Hanja: 崔秀英):

Also, the 5)Yoona(birthday is May 30st) and the 6)Yoona(age:19):

And  7)Yoo-na(star in the drama title Cinderalla Men) and 8)Soo-young (birthday is FEB.10st):

And the 9)SOOYOUNG (age is 19):

The Girl's Shidae is so comely and 짱!! zzang! ^^ Wowo. They are like 9(nine) Brittany Spear, but not the strumpet.


José María said...

Brittany Spear, LOL!

Ajay said...

What's with the legs in the second photo? The Girls Generation members have the best legs. And, where is Jessica?

You no put Jessica. Jessica nedeed. You dimriscinating agnsait Korean-Amrikaan. Next put Jessica.

@koreangov said...


What is with the leg in all the photo?

AnrgyCorean said...

To Ajay,

corean-amerikan is not Corean. Only corean are corean. Same for tippany. she not desrve mention. They probblly think same as that looser Jaebum. All gyopo is not corean. we need to remove them for our country. they is bad influent on our child.

Ajay said...


Mistake I made. Second photo all legs man legs. Other photo all legs yoja leg.


But Jessica is so pretty. ^^ Very very very bootiful she is. She famoused Korea. She marry our Korean man. She serve him his mother.

Rob said...

You're a friggin' genius, and I salute you.

Brian said...

All kidding aside, they do all look the same, except for the ugly one.

José María said...

Of course they look the same, Brian. They had the same manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

Ahh~~ It's so freshing to read bad English that was intended to be that way ^^ 웃기다!

The Sanity Inspector said...

The arousal, the group is stimulate. Fluttering sigh!

Dangit, you've got me doing it!

Anonymous said...

I like yoona best. she is the sexy.