Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tweets for the DEC 4st (OCT 18st in lunar calendar)

  • Daniel Henney 's "Three Rivers" TB show is cancel. You may now to forget him like you did Park Tae-Hwan. 
  • "Poor North Koreans Get Even Poorer" Citizens praise Kim Jong Il for unprecedented surplus of Poverty
  • "Korean Air Sponsors Global Culture Program" providing Korean-language resources to Korean tourists 
  • Plans to attract talent from India needs work; Ottugi ordered to ramp up production of Vermont Curry 
  • "One Killed in Weapons Test" Test is pass because it *supposed* to be deadly wepon.
  • Japan people asexually reproduce, as the earthworm. But, they just do they sex because they so pervert.


Korean Rum Diary said...

Yeah, 'they so pervert.' Haha.

Ajay said...

Japan only so pervert? How is we produce?

I not liking blame Japan you. Rude it is.

José María said...

I laughed a lot with the Korean Air twitt.