Monday, December 7, 2009

Tweets for the DEC 7st (OCT 21st in lunar calendar)

  • AFP fabricates malicious lie of a "quote" from Kim Yu-na: "I'm not perfect" 
  • Pancakes Selling like Hotcakes: 
  • "GNP Submits Bill to Limit Violence in Nat'l Assembly" ; Violence expected to follow 
  • Lax enforcement of law directly related to poor economy: Notorious B.I.G.'s theory finally proven wrong
  • Today is National "America Hates Japan As Much As Korea Does" day.
  • North Korean jeans no longer on sale. Fashion trends so fickle. Should have made Hammer pants. (Dec. 5) 


José María said...

Is there a "Japan hates America as much as Korea does Day"?
"Dokdo is ours' Hawaiian Day"
Just thoughts on the yin-yang line...

infogoddess said...

trying to figure out the new street address system

not sure what Ubiquitous city is and still can't find the new address for my building

just thought you might have a take on it