Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Google to 'Koreanize' Main Page Next Month"

"Google to 'Koreanize' Main Page Next Month"

 Did you Know that?? Wow^^!! The Governemnet of Korea is so please to have the GOOGLE adept the local market prefer of the Korean netizens. And,  there is also with Apples' the Iphone (that has the SAMSUNG processor chip made by SAMSUNG), which hasn't a location based service because it's Korea. But, also the Google and the some other Companys will also do that. .  So, we can show the array of samples. with:
  • Heineken to sell the "Cass" flavor beer. 
  • Prada and Lui Buitong make their own counterfeits goods. 
  • National Geographic publish the "Atlas of the World" for Korean market(softcover, 1 page):
  • Mongblong Pen makes a special counterbalance for enable the deft pen-spinning.
  • Manolo Blahnik do the special highheel shoes for a mountaineering.  
  • Native Speak English Teachers  promise the be a Caucasoid and from Canadia. 
  • ESPN do the special 24-hours Kim Yu-Na Network.
  • English Language has promised to replace words of Japan source be replace by the simple prounounce KOREAN: sushi is "HWOE", origami is "JONGYJEOPGI" and gingko tree is "EUNHAENG". (You already replace the "sea of Japn" with the EAST SEA .So, this will very facile).
  • "Greys Anatomy" do special CGI for Sandra Oh appear as with the 쌍꺼풀 eyelid surgery.
  • Sanrio to replace "Hello Kitty" with version that is not Cat, and not a Japanese.


    White Rice said...

    I am have the Mongblong pen for deft spinning.

    Anonymous said...

    You is unkorean. You is map worng. You miss the 서해 and the 대마도. You is also missing the 간도, but I forgive becuase that is near the 북한넘.

    Ajay said...

    Yellow sea are west sea. Canadia help Kim Yu-na olympic gold medal. All mothers likes Canadia men. all becomes Kim Yu-na. Nice it happens for Korea. ^^
    I likes it. Ilbon cries. (^_^)

    Korean Rum Diary said...

    This is the funniest fucking thing I've read in a long, long time. My hat is off to you, sir.

    José María said...

    Everyone in charge of names agreed to rename that racist body of water between Korea and that other country and call it West Sea, as it should have been...