Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Obama wrote a personal letter to N. Korea's Kim Jong Il"

"Obama wrote a personal letter to N. Korea's Kim Jong Il"
@koreangov have the topnotch secret spy at the North COREA. Who is People's Army Major General CHOI ,DukSeon, who personal is charge KIM, Jongil's diplomacy matter). We loft several several box of chocopie (favored by the DEAD VIETNAM MAN) by balloon to CHOI, who risks his life to provide south COREA with an info on NORTH.  CHOI utilize a  secret radio to chat to COREA on 14,600 MHZ.  At 4 AM each tuesday. And he keeps hide in water tank of toilet at SE corner of HWANGJU airbase. So, you see that KOREAN'S in North and the SOUTH are so ingenious!  CHOI send us text of OBAMA(President of US)'s letter to KIM, Jongil. Which is: 

"Dear Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Marshal of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, Great Leader, General Secretary of the Workers Party of Korea, and Supreme Leader of the Republic,  Kim Jong-Il

The people of the United States of America, and, in some sense with the support of the global community, have, in their hopes for a better future, elected me, Barack Obama, as their President and Commander-in-Chief, and, in their inviolable trust, granted me, not without due consideration, the responsibility, much as the people of North Korea have, with their utmost respect and admiration for their Great Leader, to ensure, for both themselves and their children, the safety and well-being of the American people, and consequently, whether warranted or not, as it is generally recognized, the safety and well-being of the global community, which, in the past several decades has, throughout tumult and prosperity, terror and peace, come slowly, if not steadily, to tacitly recognize, if not admit outright, that the United States, has, in the absence of other global superpowers, become the sole nation capable, and perhaps, willing to, and at great sacrifice, lead the world,  in its quest for equality and opportunity for all mankind, and, in the spirit of seeking freedom and, with greatest respect for people of all nations, democratic or otherwise, onward to an era of stability, understanding, and, despite the difficulties in erasing ages of prejudice, with which, as you may know, I am not  personally unfamiliar, harmony among nations, and not merely a cool, if, in the worst-case scenario, even continuing to harbor, among other forms of doubt,  a suspicion-laden co-existence which, although benign, remains, in effect, something less than, and indeed may, in some circumstances, demonstrate a fraying of those international bonds which, theretofore would have had, prior to such endeavors, enjoyed, in better times, more productive, friendly and fruitful relations such as those before the schism so unfortunately imposed upon it by the hands of fate, existed, if not, perhaps, without some intermittent disturbance, on the Korean Peninsula for several millennia of brotherhood and common ideals among the Korean People.  

Therefore, to that end, and,  I hope, despite decades of mutual suspicion  between, and within, our two nations, the United States and North Korea, we can, within the context of bilateral discussion, and, if that is not feasible, then within the framework of the six-party talks which have met with both progress and setback in what has been, without a doubt, the most tumultuous few years that either my nation has, within its relatively short history compared to the nationhood of the Korean people, who, whether citizens of North or South, have, despite their long history and national identity, have, internationally, only been recognized as a sovereigns, if, perhaps, whose claims to the entirety of the peninsula, even now, remain in dispute, or your nation, which has itself, within recent and tragic memory, undergone difficulties about which we in the West still know precious little and may never know, but which have, with the blessings of our Creator,  long been absent from, and hopefully shall remain unknown to, the people whose trust I shall ever strive to earn and maintain, but, which suffering has, unfortunately, not passed by those hopeful souls who have, despite such obstacles and their marginalization on the fringes of a society that should, in  deed and word, and has, historically, if imperfectly,  been champion of the rights and opportunities that both international custom and convention has, almost unanimously, recognized as natural endowments  as citizens of Earth, and who, in the face of great oppression have, when the opportunity arose, risked everything to reach the sandy, if not metaphorically rocky, shores of my country in their quest, shared by their loved ones, for a better life, which if our nations should, in good faith, commit to achieve, will, in time, be the foundation for the success of both our nations, whose struggles it is my sincerest hope we may together honor as the shepherds of peace we can, in our positions of leadership, do. 
Join me. 

Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America.


Roboseyo said...

psh! Typical of Obama to attract international attention sending Kim Jong-il a letter, and then being lazy enough to fire of one that's a mere two sentences long.

Let's hope the Dear Leader is not TOO insulted by such a disrespectful gesture.

corsair the rational pirate said...

Comma overload!

The Sanity Inspector said...

Obama's still not used to going up against people he can't successfully schmooze.

Bob said...

Rob, this is a joke letter.

Roboseyo said...

Sure it is, Bob. And next you're going to tell me this isn't REALLY the official blog of the Korean government. I know this letter must be authentic, because it's on the internet.

dokebi said...

but I like Obama