Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Written Driving Test to be Streamlined"

"Written Driving Test to be Streamlined"

@koreangov is have partial wikileak of a test for the motorist approbation. Peruse a question!

Lunar Calendar Date: ______________
Given Name: __________
Family Name(Circle one): KIM/PARK/CHOI/LEE
Type of License(Circle one):
  • Personal/Commercial/Taxi/Public Transportation
  • Chuseok/Seollal Only 
  • Frankenstein Motorcycle/Pickup Truck combo
  • Wheelbarrow for pull the piles of cardboard to be recycle
1.What is the speed limit for drive on a sidewalk?
  • A: 15km/h
  • B: May only park on sidewalk
  • C: Not faster than pedestrian directly in front of your scooter
  • D: Faster than pedestrian directly in front of your scooter if you have the jjamppong for a deliver
2.  What is penalty for driving in a drunken state?
  • A: Clean up own vomit because it in your car instead of properly on sidewalk
  • B: Scalable to income
  • C: Jail (if you pretty woman from poor family and nonetheless try make good career who wake up behind wheel at accident of hit little girl because your dastardly female boss who is compete for affection of your lover was really drive but she put you there for patsy, but it gonna be okay because your lover--even though you not yet consummate the love--is a very rich man and way out of your league and gonna get you the SNU lawyer who also very handsome and was his friend from college but gonna compete for your affection and cause rift between lawyer and lover and all you can do is be the stoic and cry and get slap in face by rich lover's mother because You call these 반찬? I'll show you 반찬! and slap you very hard after throw your worthless 반찬 to the floor and lover never even defend you but you keep your mouth shut and in doing so prove your worth as a good woman to dreadful lady's son which is your lover but fortunately found not guilty and scheming female boss is punish for hit that little girl and put that little girl in hospital for the accident during which time the leukemia is discover and little girl lose hair but rich lover is charitable and the good doctor is cure the leukemia and the little girl get all the hair back next week and then after 40 episodes you do the "페미리 떴다"  or try the song career).
  • D: KRW 50,000
3.  Which ,if any, or if not any, either none or all of the following vehicles mustn't you not fail to refuse to yield the first right of way to regardless of whether or not the subsequent vehicle previous to the aforementioned vehicle has or has not failed to?
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Car
  • Public Bus
  • Maintenance Vehicle
4. Essay: Why does DOKDO belong to the Korea?  
5. When drive on a one-way street, who have the right of way over person going correct direction?
  • A: Man with louder horn
  • B: Man who drive the Ssangyong Korando
  • C: Man (if other driver is not a Man)
  • D: Man with the cigarette
6. When you have the collide, an etiquette is for:
  • Thrust the bosom forward, tilt back head, shimmy the shoulders, stomp in the highheels, slacken jaw and cry, "어떻게~~!"
  • Speak in the 반말, shriek the final syllable in each sentence, and repeat "애이씨~!"
  • Ensure counterpart should not rescind his commit, because an insurance fraudulence is very punish if a catch.


    Korean Rum Diary said...

    Damn. I failed because of the essay.

    L Tron said...

    I need to take this 989 more times.

    Anonymous said...

    I took this test and came twice from how awesome it is

    journey to south korea said...

    Maybe I'll pass if you give me 950 tries