Friday, November 20, 2009

"Lee to Address US Carmaker's Concerns"

"Lee to Address US Carmaker's Concerns" (Korea Times)

@koreangov is a please to allow a reader to preview the Speech to Detroit Auto Leaders and a United Auto Worker in Detroit in the follow:

"Hello! Let me introduce. My name is Mr M.B. Lee. How are you? I'm fine thank you. And you? Detroit is a very beautiful. Just like Seoul!

I'm President of the Korea, which as you know, is in the Asia peninsula right between the China and Hawaii. I think you know us from the Samsung TV or LG TV  or Samsung handphone or LG handphone or for two places away from the FIRST PLACE in a 2002 World Cup. Also, the Kim Yu-NA, who is lithe.

I was used to be a CEO of the Hyundai Construction Corporation.  I got a big money from the Hyundai Construction, so now I'm CEO of the "Korea" Corporation! Ha! Ha!

(I'm say the joke, so you can laugh is OK. We not in Korea so you don't just sit humble silent in front of your superiors.)

So, why you gonna worry about the FTA? We not gonna send you the mad cow beef or anything. We just gonna sell you several several cars. Perhaps you think this is a bad for the GM or the FORD and CHEVROLETTE. However, it gonna make you so inspire if you see the HYUNDAI.  We take many years of American oppress and sublimate to the creativity. Every half-breed orphan the GI Joe abandon in the Korea is one another reason to make a good car. Not only to ensure the half breed orphan have a work at the car wash. But, also to show the Korean Spirit! It like we take mountain of coal and dirt and centuries of fierce anger to get the diamond.

So we sell you a HYUNDAI car because it's like a good cheap diamond. And so economy! Everyone like the good bargain and a cheap diamond. Due to I'm a president my wife get a many diamond for free from the Samsung or the Kumho people and she is a very appreciate, wouldn't you?  Like a good woman, she also like the cook and clean and vacuum a floor, even though I can hire several several Philippine lady for a clean. So, I think my wife is also very economy. 

Why you gonna want a diamond like the HYUNDAI or also the KIA or the DAEWOO in America? General Motor people already  I know you love the DAEWOO since they the only thing keep you out of the bankrupt. But you ALL gonna love the HYUNDAI and a KIA because they gonna challenge you for make the better car.  When HYUNDAI start make the car, they simply copy the American car, except not put in a smell of BO and Cheetos from the union laborworker.  It help us so much, now we gonna remit the courtesy. You look at a nice car, maybe you learn a thing. Then you gonna have a good car again soon!

So, now I think you understand to support the FTA. But for additional measures you gonna get the inexpense KIMCHI which is so very delicious and good for the stamina and cure your fatty."


Chris in South Korea said...

Hilarious! It's like LOL Catz only better :)

Daniel Gray said...

Hahaha. That reminds me of something. The funny thing is that in my hometown (Newark, Delaware) in 2001 was one of the main headquarters for GM. They had a Daewoo dealership in the town and they had a buy 1 daewoo get 1 free sale. No joke. For real, and still, they couldn't sell them.