Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WOW!The foreigner are so ENAMOR of the Korea ^^

COREA(south) is the nation with the 5000 year history with 4 distinct seasons. So, we have a 20,000 season history. There was an ordure with the JAPAN several several times. ㅠㅠ But, we have a most thoruough language which is very easy and a scientific (from the king SEJONG). AND we WELCOME to the korea many FOREIGNERS! It's a very enjoy for them in our country. Because, I think we have a unique. WOW! would you like to review that?? Here Are some~~

They love a "KIMCHI"
  1. Foreigners to get Kimchi Lessons
  2. Foreigners show off Kimchi they have made at Lotte
  3. Kimchi Making Day Tour Enchants Foreign Guests
  4. Immigrant Wives making Kimchi
  5. Wives of US Soldiers making Kimchi
  6. Brown people are make the kimchi
  7. Foreign students study a make the kimchi
  8. Members of US Forces make teh kimchi
  9. Women foreigners are love the kimchi
  10. For the impoverish
  11. So happy ^^
  12. Do the compete
  13. Enjoy the arrayment.
  14. Play the one another "YUTNONLI"
Foreigners love the "HANBOK" (A korea traditional garments)

  1. Foreign Students dressed in Korean Traditional Costumes
  2. Trips to Gangwon for Foreigners
  3. Coming of Age Ceremony
  4. Pose with a maiden in the Hanbok
  5. On a "JOOSUCK"
  6. Guard a Korea Castle
  7. For a marry ceremony
  8. When play a "KAYAKEUM"
  9. Experience Korean Seollal
  10. Experience a "DEAGAYA" Festival!
  11. Bow the "JARYE"
  12. Don the couture
  13. It is a child
  14. On the "SEOLNAL"
  15. Hit the "RICE" cake
  16. Receive an honorary
  17. Study at the Korea
  18. Fumble with a beautiful cloth
And the Korean traditional culture!
  1. Lantern for Buddha
  2. A Drum
  3. in a "mud" and a drum!
  4. Templestay
  5. the "YUTNONLI" game
  6. A "SONGPYEON" rice cake
  7. Marry a Korean experience
  8. Eat a soup
  9. Endure a poverty
  10. Have the dream come to true
  11. Thresh a sheaves
  12. Thresh one another sheaves
  13. One another templestay
  14. Perform a labor
  15. Do the frolic
  16. Prepare a table
  17. Partake a "MAKGEOLLI"
  18. Eat the HANWOO
  19. Reap the "INSAM"
  20. Don a "TAL"
  21. Make a "DEONJANG"
  22. Hit the one another "RICE CAKE"
  23. Enjoy a tea
  24. Study a KOrean


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