Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Anti-Obesity Guidelines Released"

"Anti-Obesity Guidelines Released"

@koreangov give a special peruse for the foreigners in how not to fatty. Because, this is an especial relevance to the heavyset foreigners, which are plump and so jolly.

  1. Do not eat after 8 pm, for it engender the fatty.
  2. Eat a foodstuff low in nutritional so as to eschew accumulate the fatty. 
  3. Encourage the consume of water, by present the salted foodstuff(such as the dried LAVER,kimchi,doenjang,and KIMCHI).
  4. Incite the frolic and not to restrain the child frolic, so during the road travel, detach the seat-belt. 
  5. Avert lengthy mealtime.  So, coat a greens in the mayonnaise for lubricate and hasten a supper. 
  6. Muscle often appear as resemble a fatty, so evade the strenuous action. 
  7. Ensemble with the LABOR UNION. Throw a stone and yell very exercise. Also evade a police. The pepper sprayed burn both the eye and a calorie (see also the KIMCHI). 
  8. From early, a children must needs understand a fatty is so shame and ugly and no one can love the fatty. Compare a damsel to the more winsome lass, and test a progress by see if she refuse a big ice cream. Compare a scion to the G-dragon, who is supple.
  9. Study is burn many calorie, especial on the head and neck where you daughter evince the fatty.  So, enforce the study. Also, arduous study heighten the likely she gonna meet the Seoul National University matriculant for a marriage.
  10. Korean watermelon get the rotund in a sun shine. So, also does the Korean child. Keep indoor a house and seal a curtain. 
  11. Sleep is the indicia of a lazy which is indicia of the fatty. Limit a sleep to the 5 hours in a day. 
  12. Mother shall supplement a nutrition and Encourage a healthy diet through the adolescent by offer a child breast-milk at the mealtime.
  13. Patriarch shall smoke the cigarette before the child. Science confirm the dietary effective of tobacco. 
  14. Shiver reduce the fatty. So, don't do the warmth in a winter. However, make a sweaty during summer with the Korean Traditional ONDOL Heat which was invented by Korea thousand of years ago.
  15. Blood-type of child very determine fatty tendency. AB or B very likely to fatty, so desist waste an affection for the fatty predisposition child until the slender is effected. 

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OMG, this is hilarious!!