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Tourpia! KOREA touring culture city #1 in 21st Century, KOREA

WOW!!^^ KOREA(South) has the variegated undergo! For you. So, when  tour a KOREA(South), you may feel the enliven at the -Si(metropolis), and the -GU(borough), and the -dong(village) and -Eup(hamlet), And the -Gun(burg) -Myeon(township) level the ville is analyzed.

Almost ville have an internet homepi for a netizen's capitvate. To wit, the Foreigners! Because, you may have a prefer on local specialty produce, such as the Jinju PERSIMMON and the Gunpo SOFT RIPE PERSIMMON, or the Suncheon's FRUIT OF A MAXIMOWICZIA CHINENSIS. Is your the favorite thus? So,do the glance at.

(We atone for the lengthy, but that's such import and knowledge so the pioneering is request.)
  • Seongnam: "Perfumed Cultural City, Balanced Leading City, Happy Well-Being City, Advanced Economic City, Beautiful Environmental City"
  • Goyang City: "The City of Green and Lake"
  • Suwon: "Happy Suwon. Suwon full of live history and tradion"
  • Ulsan: "Ulsan For You"
  • Gimhae: "Gimhae for You"
  • Gwangju:[it doesn't have]
  • Daejeon: "It's Daejeon"
  • Daegu: "Colorful Daegu, City of Hope. City of Environment, City of Culture, City of Fashion, City of International Mind"
  • Incheon: "Fly Incheon. International City with Boundless Possibility in 21C"
  • Busan: "Dynamic Busan"
  • Chungju: "Dynamic Chungju. Vigorous and Vibrant City Happy Chungju
  • Seoul: "Hi Seoul, Soul of Asia"
  • Jecheon: "Nice Jecheon. Healthy Life! Beautiful Life! Wealthy Life! The city of fresh wind and bright moon. They are the core spirit of 'Love Jecheon'"
  • Cheongju: "CHEONGJU, the happy city worth living in. Beautiful Cheongju is the place city where history in the 1000 and the culture breathe. I'm preserving the hot metal 'Jikji' by which the world became oldest again and am informed tourists of as an educational city."
  • Jeonju: "Asiart Jeonju"
  • Namwon: "The City Of Love Namwon"
  • Gimje-si: "The Hope of Korea. The Center City of Saemangum. GIMJE"
  • Jeongeup: "The Cintral City of 21C, The West Coast Era. A Good Life for our Citizen, The New Jeongeup"
  • Iksan: "Amazing Iksan. The City of Friendly to Women"
  • Gunsan City: "Dream Hub Gunsan"
  • Yeosu: "Korea Yeosu Beautful city of sea, flowers and light. the host city of 2012 International Exposition"
  • Suncheon: "Aha Suncheon! Beautiful Nature and Beautiful People.....!"
  • Gwangyang: "SunShine Gwangyang"
  • Jeju: "Jeju Special Self-Governing Province"
  • Mokpo: "The city of beauty, Romanticism and Dream!!"
  • Naju: "Welcom to Naju. Naju the origin of  Yeongsanggang river culture and the life land"
  • Nonsan: "A prosperous city with citizens-Nonsan"
  • Seosan: "Seosan, a beautiful city with culture and nature place to stay and visit again"
  • Gongju: "The Challenge which is Force! Gongju, which is great"
  • Cheonan City: "Cheonan, The World's Best City"
  • Boryeong: "Viva Boryeong! Greetings, I am Shim Jum-hee, Mayor of Boryeong. I sincerely welcome all the visitors of"
  • Asan: "Smart Asan. Well-being City Asan"
  • Taebaek:[it doesn't have]
  • Samcheok-City:"Welcome to SAMCHEOK CITY. The city of tour festival, Samcheok-si, along with harmonization of men and nature. Welcome to the visit of netizens who are forerunners of 21st knowledge information."
  • Wonju: "Healthy Wonju. Korea's Number 1 Health City Wonju. Great City to Do Business Wonju. Living together in Happy Wonju."
  • Sokcho: "Beautiful Sokcho that preserves its nature where mountains and lakes come together"
  • Gangneung: "We will build 'Gangneung' as city onlightened-minded mind like harbor always awaken harbor form cultural values from daily lives"
  • Donghae: "Grand Dongha to realize dream and hope in 21-st century. Welcome to Donghae! we invite you to the city of affluence, leisure, and enthusiasm"
  • Chuncheon:"The City with Clean Lakes Places for Refres"
  • Gyeongju:  "Welcom to GyeongJu, a treasure-trove of Korean culture. GyeongJu, a Living historical city was the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty a millennium and more ago. The city itself is considered a 'museum without walls'  with mountains and rivers, together with the remnants of the people of the Qnified Silla Kingdom still in evidence."
  • Gyeongsan City: [it doesn't have]
  • Gimcheon: "Central Gimcheon. Welcome to Innocity Gimcheon !"
  • Mungyeong: "Running Mungyeong"
  • Yeongcheon: "Beautiful Yeongcheon City. Welcome to Yeongcheon. Home of loyalty and filial piety. Yeongcheon is a friendly, affluent, and pleasant hybrid city with features of both urban and rural areas which develops to become the inland base of east-southern parts of Gyeongbuk province."
  • Yeongju: "Grand Yeongju. Yeongju, scholar's hometown with precious heritages in whatever direction you wish to walk you are easily able to find a number of relics and beautiful scenes of nature"
  • Sangju: "Just Sangju"
  • Pohang: "Constructing a city of education, culture and tourism.Establishing foundation to become the hub of logistics in an era of the East Sea. Realizing innovative administration through customized management. Building creative and eco-friendly city. Boosting local economy for the residents in Pohang. U-Global Pohang! Noble city spreading into the world. Strengthening the competitiveness of agriculture and fishery industry and realizing welfare city.
  • Changwon: "YOUNG city Changwon Environmental Capital Changwon. World's best city Changwon. A hitech  city good for corporate businesses. A cultural city full of joy. A green city, always clean and pure."
  • Geoje: "BlueCity Geoje. Located in the middle of Geoje-do island, the height of this mountain is 566m above sea level. At the top of this mountain is a place called Uisangdae, which was supposed to be a site of temple built by Monk Uisang."
  • Jinhae: "Good Morning Jinhae. Welcome to our beautiful city. The great spirit of Admiral Lee Sun-shin still lives in this city."
  • Jinju: "Charm Jinju. Jinju is a home of culture and art that has culticated noble culture and rich arts having the Namgang river as it's lifeline.
  • Masan: "DreamBay Masan. First-Class citizens and city of Masan to the world!"
  • Miryang: "Miryang is also the city of cultural tourist destination and suprerb cultural relics and picturesque places combined with beautiful nature."
  • Tongyeong: [it doesn't have]
  • Yangsan: "Active Yangsan! Nature! Tradition!! Harmonizes today YANGSAN" (note: Mayor is do the suicide because to "express his sentiment towards the investigation and to prove his innocence")
  • Sacheon: "Rising Sacheon! The CIty by Sapphire Blue Sea. Investment attraction industry. Greet the morning in Sacheon, a cultural city with beautiful sceneries!"
  • Ansan: "Ansan is a prosperous and futuristic city as a commercial & industrial hub in Korea"
  • Anseong: "City of Masters"
  • Bucheon: "Fantasia Bucheon! Cultural City together with Advanced industries together with Cultures. Bucheon, a city cultures In which we enjoy together, We invite you!"
  • Dongducheon: "DoDream Dongducheon"
  • Gimpo: "Best Gimpo. Gimpo the city of beautiful memories"
  • Gunpo: "O2 Gunpo"
  • Guri: [it doesn't have]
  • Gwacheon: "Welcome to Gwacheon, By developing Gwacheon together, and hence outshines a higher self-confidence."
  • Gwangju: "Gwangju Clean. influences money and credit conditions in the U.S. supervises and regulates banking, maintains the stability of the financial system, and provides certain financial services"
  • Gwangmyeong: "Music City GwangMyeong. City of dream full of hope and promise City where there is the vision of life"
  • Hanam: "Hanam City which is the city of new leap, and in which everyone wants to live"
  • Hwaseong: "The Next Creative Frontier Hwaseong. City of industry and culture with hope, we invite you to Hwaseong where dreams and future lies"
  • Icheon: (click a ENGLISH") "Art Icheon. Hometown of Rice and Hometown of Loyalty. Icheon is a city full of Culture and Tourism. Creative Change and Taking off, Icheon"
  • Namyangju: "Namyangj City. Toegyewon Sandaenori Sandaenori is a mask dance that developed in Hanyang and the mid metropolitan region"
  • Pyeongtaek: "Pyeongtaek Super. Global Cluster Pyeongtaek. Promising land with unlimited potential power of development which has excellent site conditions with natural advantages"
  • Yongin: "Wellcom To Yong-In City. A place at the leading edge of the future."
  • Yangju: "Welcome all Netizens"
  • Uiwang: "Yes! Uiwang. A cultural city of the 21st century" 
  • Gumi: "Yes Gumi. Great Gumi Brilliant Gumi YesGUMI. W.E.L.C.O.M.E. T.O. G.U.M.I."
  • Uijeongbu: "Genial Public City, Vitality Economy City"
  • Siheung: "Again & Again Siheung. Ace of Tourism City Siheung. Pleasure Nature, Treasure Paradise Siheung"
Also, from the suggest of the foreigners:
  • Gangjin: "Welcome to GANGJIN  Cooperative and Hopeful GANGJIN"
  • Hwasun County: "You are a polka-dot flower freesia I am a common gypsophila Encircling the freesia"
  • Damyang: "Damyang is a bamboo ware-producing area that is easy to access and has a splendid scenery"
  • Hampyeong County: (from an 'About Hampyeong') "Hampyeong belonged to Jin during the prehistoric age and Mahan during the Three Hans period. Mahan consisted of 54 small countries, and some dolmens and jar coffins indicate that there were 1 to 2 small countries in Hampyeong scattered in the area, but it has not been confirmed.
  • Muan: "New Muan, jumping up to the world and the future!!"
  • Jangheung: "POWERFUL JUMPING GREEN JANGHEUNG" (With a Grateful to the @jeollanamdo for the Gangjin, a Hwasun, the Muan, with DAMYANG and the HamPyeong)
  • Gangwon-do: "Heavenly blessed land Gangwon-do" (grateful @rjamesyork)


    Brian said...

    I try before posting a comment, but did not. I want to do like that, but page was impossible. Now the page is a little bit changed.It is easy for access by foreign aliens want to get an interest in that.
    nowadays korea is develop
    and communication is available by Digital. Thank you for fix the comment!
    I think you can know foreigner mind very well! ^^

    koreangov said...

    Thank You!!!

    @koreangov was study in Vancouver for nearly six weeks. So, I have the insight to the foreigner Mind.

    -Also, a policy is to respond so timely to the request for amend the techno. (Which the Japan does not do.)

    ZenKimchi said...

    I have a books of slogans for the Anyang: "Livable City" also having "Beautiful City, Happy Anyang"

    The Sanity Inspector said...

    Congratulations on two counts: You have a blog where the commenters all want to get into the act. And the humor is the sort where you laugh a lot and then say "that's not funny".

    koreangov said...

    To the The Sanity Insector:

    Thank You!!

    However, we are a serious and not aim at evince your chortle. But, we welcome your suggest.

    Korea Spearkling!

    Brian said...

    The sanity inspector:

    Please write more slow. I am hard at understand.

    Korean Rum Diary said...

    Another good post, @koreangov!

    Brian said...

    I am find more.

    Gangjin county - Welcome to GANGJIN Cooperative and Hopeful GANGJIN

    Hwasun County You are a polka-dot flower. . .
    I can not read more
    , can you see it?

    Damyang Damyang is a bamboo ware-producting area that is easy to access and has a splendid scenery.

    Welcome Your visit to Hampyeong County

    Muan New Muan, jumping up to the world and the future !!

    chiam said...

    I will lend many lines from this page to promote my friends from Canada to visit Korea.

    matt said...

    This very today discovery your blog. I did. Ensuing great mirth and laughing regarding especially 반찬 mother-in-law and the Hawaii for Japan replacement. I chortled hearty!

    I'm very impressive this post. How did you make very many websites? Very correct they look. Very much, work you did I think! "Those sites are not real," I thought the joke is fun! I for sure I am not confusing. Please confirm, please.

    Do you know Bucheon? It has animation and PIFAN film festival, also We've The State luxury apartment and Hyundai Department and new subway. Many factories too (multicultural!) but to there subway won't go (secret for western unless investors!). Bucheon, 'Peach Village' before called because too many peach trees had a reputation for, but today apartments peach trees are covered with, so the name transferred to 'Fantasia Bucheon'. Please note.

    Again, enjoyable blog it is! "Impressive. Most Impressive." Do you know Darth Vader? Ha! Maybe you don't. It's very old movie, 2005. If don't you know, sorry.

    matt said...
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    @koreangov said...


    Its the Official webPage of that place. For checking see the URLS.

    And we will add the BUCHEON.

    matt said...

    Truly Official webPage!?! Inbelievable!

    wv: moybycou!

    Binko said...

    Yes what my thinking is which Hwasun makes me have great fun. I think most of fun without of fully presented list. I think you are almost Korean!!!

    Douglas said...

    My decide! Koreangov blog #1! Fighting!

    Aaron said...

    You forgot Your Partner Gwangju. I like that one as Korean people are often partners to each other though not like gay partner like in US. Until now gay has not arrived in our country.