Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Plans Unveiled to Reverse Country's Declining Births"

"Plans Unveiled to Reverse Country's Declining Births"

@koreangov proffer the summation for Scheme to level up a Baby: 

  1. OBGYN is do the abort, so stop teach the OB-GYN study. 
  2. Delight the populace by display a whimsical "John And A Kate And They Have The Litter of Pups" tele-programme on the OCN.
  3. Add KRW 400Billion to budget for sway the Buddha people to a Papistry, for a Papist favor the liberal breed.
  4. Glamor the procreate by broadcast the CROWN J fertilize the SEO IN-YEONG on the "우리 결혼했어요"
  5. Bar the abort unless fetus have a serious deform or is female.  
  6. Interdict deploy of prophylactic at room salon. 
  7. Do the Free Trade Agreement agreement with Viet Nam and a the Philipinos for the dutyfree import of brood mare lady. 
  8. Subsidy of the 미역국 , for replenish the Iodine in the matron.
  9. Castaway a taboo of unmarry and pregnant and the teenage-pregnant, unless she a wanton harlot for bring the shame on a family. 
  10. Promotion the value and high-quality and excel potential of KOREAN infant by distribute samples to the underprivilege persons. 
  11. Decry the fatty and homely for motivate a do the face and rump operate to magnify the winsome and a likelihood of get the Semen.
  12. Limit a prejudice the half-blood children to just the partial negroids. 
  13. Repatriate the many GYOPO maidens, for the America culture make them hanker the mounting. 


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