Monday, December 28, 2009

"Culture Ministry to Create New Korean Wave Abroad"

"Culture Ministry to Create New Korean Wave Abroad"

Do you recall  Korean Wave? No? It is because it isn't yet at a complete! So, the WAVE is atop you and it's resemble you being under the water. But the "배" gonna to rescue you (배용준, who is BAE, Yongjoon)!

That is a so interesting joke (~kekㅋㅋ)because 'Bae' is mean Boat and Bae (Yoongjoon). And, also the delicious Korean PEAR, with so many phytonutrient.

Almost Japan people love the WINTER SONATA, and the HYUNDAI SONATA. Frequently, Japan is sacrifice the child to graven idol of BAE, Yongjoon.  So, in order to levelup the Korea's Love and decrease the Japan Child, the COREAN GOVT (we) is planning to up-grade the Hallyu (which "mean korean wave  ") to deluge the ASIA, with a so strong like Asia 's tsunami in 2004! And, like the tsunami was some tragic (3 Gyopo's was kill at the Thai from the tsunami), the HALLYU employ the tragic in Romance Drama, as it make the Japan woman have the so humid in it's groin.     

How will we do?.
  • Ministry of CULTURE and Sports, and Tourism decree a new wave. Because culture is the dynamic infrastructure of our community’s intention to overcome the economic crisis.
  • Intimate the JAPS that Hallyu is forthcoming. And, then sell a Japan tourists the dried laver in copious.
  • Foment the PRIDE of KOREAN's, because it is so charm the foreigners. 
  • Reprieve the Samsung's LEE, Kun-hee from the gaol so that he may bribe the Olympics people to award the Olympic for Pyeongchang, 2014 ("Yes, PyeongChang! Traditional Culture PyeongChang!"). 
  • (Also, tell the chinaman that unless the Seoul 1988 olympic get the balance from a Pyeongchang 2014 olimpic the fengshui will do remain off-kilter to the detriment of the chinaman)  
  • Sell nuclear technology to the Mohammedan
  • Continue status of be better than your country, to nurture the reverie of the would-be traveller.
  • Again read  "The Secret" for ensure the plan vitals are not elude.
  • Subsidy the alphabet export to even browner people.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are VANKERS!!~~, 4

Do you know?~~ the HAN-geul? Americas' alphabet have big, and smalls. But, Korea's only have ONE size! And, simply squashy it's form for how you need it for the syllable. Example: "" in "나쁜 일본 " . So easy! Thusly, Korea have the %100 literate ratio. Japan just below 6% literacy because, it's write is so complex and they have the brain with so much mercury because Japan's fishes are so poison.
Do you know that Hangul is unique that we can only write by hand or use computer? Squashy the "ㄴ" etc. can't done on the typewriter. So Korea did ;nt have typewriters because the type-writers doesn't understand our unique culture.  But, the VANKER'S know the 한글 and tell you as the follow:

  1. 최선: "We have Korean Hangul. Hangul made in Sejong, it's famous for scientific. If you visit Korea, it will be very beautiful place. I thank you for reading to my introduction." 
  2. 김별희:"Nowadays, Japan is insisting that Dok-do is their territory, however, Dok-do is definitely Korean territory. Korea has 5000 years of history. Korea has their own culture. for example, Korea has their language called Han gul. It is simple and scientific language."
  3. 오진화: "Hangeul is almost unique alphabet made only by men. It was created modeled after vocal organs, so it`s very comfortable to use and well-balanced to write. I wish you to learn more about Hanguel, and write it yourself."
  4. 김예은: "Hangul is a type of a language and it's a language of Korea. It was created by king SeJong in 1446. It can characterise every language using 14 vowels and 10 consonents. The excellence of Hangul is best known in worldwide. Especially, it's the best suitable language in information age."
  5. 이지혜: "We use Hangul as our written language. This is really a scientic and systemetic phonemic alphabet that was invented in 1912. The worldwide famouse author,Paul Buck, praised that Hangul was the greatest language existing in the world. Hangul is also used as a written language of an Indonesian minority group called Cia-cia."
  6. 송윤희: "Hangeul is one of the major assets, it was created by King Sejong and has used since 1443.I will talk about excellence of Hangeul, Hangeul is only letters having invention record in the world. Also, Hangeul is scientific and organized language created by modeling shape of the larynx.  It was designated as National Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world."
  7. 남아경: "Korean people call it 'hangul'. Hangul is made by king segong and scholars. Hangul consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Hangul has 8000 different kinds of sound and it is possible to write each sound. And korean illiteracy rate is near the zero percent mark, because Hangul is easy. Therefore, Hangul is evaluated as scientific language."
  8. 조상은: "Our representative traditional cutrual heritage are Hangul, Hanbok ,Hansik, and so on. One of these , Hangul , is independently made by our country. At the present time, Hangul is regarded of the most scientific and systematic in the world."
  9. 김기철: "One example of unique Korean culture is Hangul, the Korean alphabet. There are no records in history of a king made a writing system for the benefit of the common people except in Korea. The Korean alphabet has an exact purpose and objective. So its use cannot be compared with other languages.  so people have to memorize all of them, but the Korean alphabet is made of phonetic letters just like English. Anyone can learn Hangul in a day, that is why it is called 'morning letter'. It is easy to learn because it can be put together with 10 vowels and 14 consonants. Hangul has 11,000 different kinds of sound and it is possible to write each sound. Because Japanese letters imitate Chinese characters, they cannot be used without Chinese characters. The chinese government secretly sent scholars to the United States to alphabetize its language. Chinese is too difficult to learn, therefore the illiteracy rate is very high. Chinese thought it would weaken national competitive power. Hangul has an independent reading and writing system. It can be used on its own, but some old generations like to use Hangul along with Chinese characters education. This is an anachronism and absolutely against the globalization of Hangul. Even the Chinese government recognized the weak points of its writing system for the coming 21st century. Latin was used as an official language of the Roman Catholic church. It has been used as a custom or religious authority for people who in Western societies, Latin is disappearing. Hangul was invented 500 years ago. but it has only been used for 100 years by all Koreans. Now it is standing in the world proudly with its value. Korean has been chosen as a foreign language in some universities in the United States Australia. Now large Korean companies are building Factories in some Asian and Eastern European countries. These companies have invested a lot of money. The managers of those companies are also learning Hangul. It is time to invest money and to make an effort to develop Hangul for the 21st century like the French government has done. The language of the future has a strong economic value. Hangul is seven times faster in computer operation ability than Chinese or Japanese. When Windows 95 appears on your screen, Hangul is breathing on the tips of your fingers beyond the time barrier. The 21st century will be the age of information. National competitive power depends on the quantity and quality of information. Therefore the national goal for the Clinton administration is to end illiteracy. The American literacy rate is only 79%. The Korean illiteracy rate is near the zero percent mark, because Hangul is easy."
  10. 배효진: King Sejong, the greatest king of Joseon, always concerned about his country. At that time, people had to learn Chinese characters to read and write. Therefore, since only people of aristocratic class knew how to write poetry, King Sejong invented Hangul in 1446.A few years ago, there was an academic conference in France which many linguists attended. Although Korean scholars did not participate, there was a discussion that it might be good to use Korean as an official language. On May of 1986, a professor of Seoul National University visited an university in England. There, a professor called Geoffrey Sampson said as for Hangul that it is very unique to make a letter imitating speech organs. He also said that Hangul is very systematic and excellent. Finally, on October 1st, 1997, UNESCO appointed Hunminjeongeum as Memory of the World. Also, when Oxford University ranked every language according to the rationality, originality, and so on, Hangul held the first place.Hangul is the only written language that was made in a very short period of time. The most world-widely used letter is Roman characters and Chinese characters which took about 3000 years to be completed. On the contrary, Hangul took less than 25 years. Furthermore, Hangul is the only letter we know the inventor, and very scientific to copy speech organs. It is also easy to learn and as many linguists say, the best letter in the world. Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, who wrote "The Good Earth", described King Sejong as "Korean Leonardo da Vinci". Hangul, indeed, is Korea's proud cultural heritage."
WOW~!! Can the America's alphabet do as that? No~~!!

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    "Obama wrote a personal letter to N. Korea's Kim Jong Il"

    "Obama wrote a personal letter to N. Korea's Kim Jong Il"
    @koreangov have the topnotch secret spy at the North COREA. Who is People's Army Major General CHOI ,DukSeon, who personal is charge KIM, Jongil's diplomacy matter). We loft several several box of chocopie (favored by the DEAD VIETNAM MAN) by balloon to CHOI, who risks his life to provide south COREA with an info on NORTH.  CHOI utilize a  secret radio to chat to COREA on 14,600 MHZ.  At 4 AM each tuesday. And he keeps hide in water tank of toilet at SE corner of HWANGJU airbase. So, you see that KOREAN'S in North and the SOUTH are so ingenious!  CHOI send us text of OBAMA(President of US)'s letter to KIM, Jongil. Which is: 

    "Dear Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Marshal of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, Great Leader, General Secretary of the Workers Party of Korea, and Supreme Leader of the Republic,  Kim Jong-Il

    The people of the United States of America, and, in some sense with the support of the global community, have, in their hopes for a better future, elected me, Barack Obama, as their President and Commander-in-Chief, and, in their inviolable trust, granted me, not without due consideration, the responsibility, much as the people of North Korea have, with their utmost respect and admiration for their Great Leader, to ensure, for both themselves and their children, the safety and well-being of the American people, and consequently, whether warranted or not, as it is generally recognized, the safety and well-being of the global community, which, in the past several decades has, throughout tumult and prosperity, terror and peace, come slowly, if not steadily, to tacitly recognize, if not admit outright, that the United States, has, in the absence of other global superpowers, become the sole nation capable, and perhaps, willing to, and at great sacrifice, lead the world,  in its quest for equality and opportunity for all mankind, and, in the spirit of seeking freedom and, with greatest respect for people of all nations, democratic or otherwise, onward to an era of stability, understanding, and, despite the difficulties in erasing ages of prejudice, with which, as you may know, I am not  personally unfamiliar, harmony among nations, and not merely a cool, if, in the worst-case scenario, even continuing to harbor, among other forms of doubt,  a suspicion-laden co-existence which, although benign, remains, in effect, something less than, and indeed may, in some circumstances, demonstrate a fraying of those international bonds which, theretofore would have had, prior to such endeavors, enjoyed, in better times, more productive, friendly and fruitful relations such as those before the schism so unfortunately imposed upon it by the hands of fate, existed, if not, perhaps, without some intermittent disturbance, on the Korean Peninsula for several millennia of brotherhood and common ideals among the Korean People.  

    Therefore, to that end, and,  I hope, despite decades of mutual suspicion  between, and within, our two nations, the United States and North Korea, we can, within the context of bilateral discussion, and, if that is not feasible, then within the framework of the six-party talks which have met with both progress and setback in what has been, without a doubt, the most tumultuous few years that either my nation has, within its relatively short history compared to the nationhood of the Korean people, who, whether citizens of North or South, have, despite their long history and national identity, have, internationally, only been recognized as a sovereigns, if, perhaps, whose claims to the entirety of the peninsula, even now, remain in dispute, or your nation, which has itself, within recent and tragic memory, undergone difficulties about which we in the West still know precious little and may never know, but which have, with the blessings of our Creator,  long been absent from, and hopefully shall remain unknown to, the people whose trust I shall ever strive to earn and maintain, but, which suffering has, unfortunately, not passed by those hopeful souls who have, despite such obstacles and their marginalization on the fringes of a society that should, in  deed and word, and has, historically, if imperfectly,  been champion of the rights and opportunities that both international custom and convention has, almost unanimously, recognized as natural endowments  as citizens of Earth, and who, in the face of great oppression have, when the opportunity arose, risked everything to reach the sandy, if not metaphorically rocky, shores of my country in their quest, shared by their loved ones, for a better life, which if our nations should, in good faith, commit to achieve, will, in time, be the foundation for the success of both our nations, whose struggles it is my sincerest hope we may together honor as the shepherds of peace we can, in our positions of leadership, do. 
    Join me. 

    Barack H. Obama
    President of the United States of America.

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    "Taliban warns Korea of 'Bad Consequences'"

    "Taliban warns Korea of 'Bad Consequences'"

    @koreangov  has the Government's Team's with expert consultors that give the Analyse and posit the maybe coinciquences that Talleban have threaten THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA with threats. If, COREA relay it's minuteman to the AFGANA.

    (Do you know Why?? I will give the Back ground. :  Because, several several months before (solar calendar), Talliben captivate the Korea Christs disciple of twenty three(23) KOREAN Christains follow by KOREA ask the Taliban to discharge the christians who belive in YESU, (CHRIST) but Taleban do that when KOREA oath to not to envoy the KOREAN's to the AFGHANA. again.This because Teliban is not Christian, but catholics.  But, KOREA may gonna dispatch the warriors to the Afgan any way, so the TALENBAN give the intimidate of the Diplomat matters might become the hullabaloo. .) 
    1. AFGHANA will do an embargo the sell it's GHANA Chocolates  to Korea,
    2. Afghana govt will proscribe the Korean tourist from visit the popular Afgan Touristic sights, like the golfcourse, or, the Pyramids
    3. Afgana embassador will leave SEOUL and go back a Mumbai
    4. Afgahn stop to host Korean exchange student that want a study the German. 
    5. Tableban will captive the Koreans into a Afgahn house, and deprive of ONDOL heating, which was developed by Korea thousands of years ago. Also, its minimum 45 minutes drive to Koreatown.
    6. Afghan food also have so refried bean and much cheese and Tortilla, which the Koreans do'nt love.
    7. Afghan might to decrease import of finest Korea's Bauxite Ore and Bitumen.It is  truly Worlds' best bauxite ore and bitumen, and Korea rank at NO. # 3 on OECD Bauxite Ore and Bitumen index.
    8. Afghana might to level down the HALLYU FEVER, so  the Bae,YongJoon will feel so melancholy.. 

      Friday, December 11, 2009

      Tweets for the DEC 11st (OCT 25st in lunar calendar)

      • "Korean Scientists Discover Genetic Material that Controls Growth" "Losers" under 180cm apparently in short supply
      •  Korea tourism's grammar and mathematics finally harmonized: No, wait, maybe not:
      • Do you listen that? It is a sound of KOREA sneak up on your economy and do a pounce!
      • 2:10pm Seoul time, Dec 11, 2009: Korean news so good, they can do the report from a FUTURE.
      • "Counselor Finds Sex the Fundamental Cause of Most Divorces" So, please no sex! Good marry key to raise birthrate.  

      Wednesday, December 9, 2009

      @koreangov Tweeters for the DEC 9st (OCT 23st in Lunar calendar)

      • Korean officials take huge hits of Ecstasy and Marujuana 대마초: 
      • North Korean food supply under further threat as disease threatens stock of Long Pig:
      • North Koreans dislike everything about James Bond Movie "Die Another Day" except for one thing:
      • Britney Spears becomes latest woman Korea Times believes to have a penis: (see also )
      • 9 years ago today (Dec. 9, 2000), Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel Peace Prize. That's the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, bitches.
      • "Survey: Koreans in Agony Look to Soju" ( )Also; Koreans in Korea Look to Soju
      • 만세! Korea has the OECD Number#1, Again! But please be modest in the celebrate so as not to die.
      • "Importantly, The Korea Times keeps its doors open to any suggestion" So true!      

      Tuesday, December 8, 2009

      Do you know the GIRLS~GENERATION ??

      Do you know a "GIRLS GENERATING" (SNSD,or SONYEO SHIDAE, that are also the 소녀시대)?

      GIRLS-GENERATION, are so famous in the world. They are the Nine(9) beautiful girl with so beautiful. They sing and dance. Also, they also entice to the male. Here is an introduce:

      WOW^^~~!! Did you see a that? They move as the high grass in an autumn breeze.

      Pensive. But, so playful.! The coy. 
      Who's can so willowy and lithe? The SNSD' Generation Only!

      Who are the GIRL's Generation?? They are: 1)YOONA(임윤아),

        and 2)SOOYOUNG(최수영):

      And there is also the 3)Yoo-NA(Hanja: 林潤娥) and the 4)Soo-YOUNG(Hanja: 崔秀英):

      Also, the 5)Yoona(birthday is May 30st) and the 6)Yoona(age:19):

      And  7)Yoo-na(star in the drama title Cinderalla Men) and 8)Soo-young (birthday is FEB.10st):

      And the 9)SOOYOUNG (age is 19):

      The Girl's Shidae is so comely and 짱!! zzang! ^^ Wowo. They are like 9(nine) Brittany Spear, but not the strumpet.

      We are VANKERS!!~~, thre

      And,VANKERS they have the expert on a various COREAN Foodstuffs..
      1. 유선영: "I'm glad to tell you about Korea. Do you know korean tradition food, Kimchi? Kimchi is one of the essential side dishes that we always eat with rice. Kimchi is well-known for prevent illness such as cancer, cholera and so on. Kimchi is mixed food with salted vegetables(like radish, cabbage, cucumber) and spices and condiments(like red pepper, garlic, green onion). Kimchi is one good way to store vegetable, so we could eat them in long, cold winter. While it is stored, it became ferment due to microorganism. Because it is fermentative food, we can get minerals and vitamins from Kimchi. Also, there are variety kinds of Kimchi - pickled young radishes , cubed white-radish kimchi, yeolmu kimchi and so on. You might taste little spicy when you eat Kimchi, but I recommend you to visit Korea and eat Kimchi someday."
      2. 한혜연: "Korea is division of territory. But,Korea has a long and proud history. Korea has four different seasons. The staple food of the Koreans is rice. or The Korean diet is built around rice. and then, developmented various sauce culture. The best-known Korean vegetable dish is Kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional dish of vegetables pickled in salt and usually red pepper paste which is then left to ferment until the taste is just right."
      3. 권주은: "You can think Kimchi when you think about Korea. Kimchi is the main example of the fermented food. Kimchi become famous now for its abundant nutrients and taste which prevents a variety of diseases."
      4. 소민희: "Have you ever heard of kim-chi? Not only korean but also foreigners love kim-chi. It's very famous. It has anti-cancer effet and contain a lot of vitamins. It is made of cabbage and pepper. Because of pepper, it's too spicy. but without kimchi korean can't eat anything. once you eat kim-chi you must love it."
      5. 곽원경: "Do you know how to make kimchi? Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish made up of salted white cabbage, garlic, red pepper powder and pickled shrimp. Becuase it's fermented vegetable, it's really good for our health. In addition, there are many kinds of kimchi so you can choose what you want. Nowadays, many foreigners know and like kimchi."
      6. 김수연: Koreans have pride in Kimchi, because nowadays, kimchi is well known food around the world for preventing cancer. But these days, Japanese are trying to make Kimchi their original food. Koreans have been making Kimchi from long time ago. And it's clear that kim chi is Korean traditional food.
      7. 박정인: "and I talk about Korean food. Do you know Kimchi? Kimch has a lactobacillus. also it is good for our health. so I like kimch. however, kimch is spicy, then most foreigners are don't like it. and korean food is very good for our health in the world. so we should eat lots of our korean foods."
      8. 이슬이: "Kimchi is one of the most famous Korean foods. Kimchee is a fermented food,so it's quite spicy and hot. Kimchi also prevent us from many sorts of adult diseases and cancer. To make Kimchi, you need some pickled korean cabbages, red peppers, some garlics, some salted fish ,and so on. And it's hard to make delicious Kimchi."
      9. 임다예: "A staple that accompanies Koreans on journeys across the world, kimchi is a pungent, fermented dish made from a range of vegetables—cabbage, cucumbers, seasoned with salt, garlic, green onions, ginger, red chili pepper and other herbs and spices. According to the magazine, kimchi is rich in Vitamins A, B and C and bacteria lactobacilli, healthful bacteria that aid digestion. Anyway, I would like you to try Kimchi. I think you will love it."
      10. 홍은진: "Korean like hot and spicy food. you would have heard Kimchi. Kimchi is now very famous food. it also approved by professional people and other country Bulgogi and Galbi are also famous."
      DO you like the Cancer? I do n't.    ~~Let's Eat the kimchi.!!~~

        Monday, December 7, 2009

        Tweets for the DEC 7st (OCT 21st in lunar calendar)

        • AFP fabricates malicious lie of a "quote" from Kim Yu-na: "I'm not perfect" 
        • Pancakes Selling like Hotcakes: 
        • "GNP Submits Bill to Limit Violence in Nat'l Assembly" ; Violence expected to follow 
        • Lax enforcement of law directly related to poor economy: Notorious B.I.G.'s theory finally proven wrong
        • Today is National "America Hates Japan As Much As Korea Does" day.
        • North Korean jeans no longer on sale. Fashion trends so fickle. Should have made Hammer pants. (Dec. 5) 

        Sunday, December 6, 2009

        "Google to 'Koreanize' Main Page Next Month"

        "Google to 'Koreanize' Main Page Next Month"

         Did you Know that?? Wow^^!! The Governemnet of Korea is so please to have the GOOGLE adept the local market prefer of the Korean netizens. And,  there is also with Apples' the Iphone (that has the SAMSUNG processor chip made by SAMSUNG), which hasn't a location based service because it's Korea. But, also the Google and the some other Companys will also do that. .  So, we can show the array of samples. with:
        • Heineken to sell the "Cass" flavor beer. 
        • Prada and Lui Buitong make their own counterfeits goods. 
        • National Geographic publish the "Atlas of the World" for Korean market(softcover, 1 page):
        • Mongblong Pen makes a special counterbalance for enable the deft pen-spinning.
        • Manolo Blahnik do the special highheel shoes for a mountaineering.  
        • Native Speak English Teachers  promise the be a Caucasoid and from Canadia. 
        • ESPN do the special 24-hours Kim Yu-Na Network.
        • English Language has promised to replace words of Japan source be replace by the simple prounounce KOREAN: sushi is "HWOE", origami is "JONGYJEOPGI" and gingko tree is "EUNHAENG". (You already replace the "sea of Japn" with the EAST SEA .So, this will very facile).
        • "Greys Anatomy" do special CGI for Sandra Oh appear as with the 쌍꺼풀 eyelid surgery.
        • Sanrio to replace "Hello Kitty" with version that is not Cat, and not a Japanese.

          Friday, December 4, 2009

          We are VANKERS!!~~, two

          VANKERS know the Koean weather and climate. Would you like Learn the incredible Korean climate? Try! ~~
          1. 권다빈: "In Korea there is in winter a 4 season summer, autumn in spring.... SeupNiDa. Favorite food is kimchi and roast spout Korean people.A kimchi is hot food, but it is health.... E is good, and a foreigner likes, and a roast is large food being delicious.. As use for English to Australia to Korea...."
          2. 김남이: "First Korea has long history. So there are many cultural assets. And there are many palace where King lived. Korea has 4 seasons. spring,summer,fall,winter. Each season has a unique attraction." 
          3. 이수인: "Korea is only one country which is divided in the world. We are very kind and friendly to others. We have beautiful 4 seasons which are spring, summer, winter and fall."
          4. 김희경: "Korea is country with long history, many fantastic heritage, culture, tradition and pride. It is the best country one could live, where everyone has strong respect and manners towards eachother. Korea has 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter."
          5. 이영동: "Korea has four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn are rather short, summer is hot and humid, and winter is cold and dry with abundant snowfall."
          6. 김수진: "There are four seasons in our country namely, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring lasts from March till May, summer lasts from June till August, autumn lasts from September till November and winter lasts from December till February. We have a distinct change between each season in Korea."
          7. 이혜정: "Korea has 4 different seasons and you can rarly find the country which has 4 seasons. But, recently by the affection from air pollution, Korea's 4 seasons lost it's balance. If you want to know more about the Korea, send e-mail to me."
          8. 김진영: "our country have four seasons. spring, summer, autumn, winter.. individually, l like autumn. 'cause, it is so beautiful..the hills are ablaze with autumnal tints. it likes heaven.. and it is good time for reading. we say autumn is the season of "high sky and plump horses""
          9. 유은현: "There are many things to talk about Korea. First of all, Korea has beautiful sceneries. It has four seasons, so you can enjoy various beauties of nature."
          10. 한정수: "But, korean people have amazing mental power. Korea has lots of cutural assets and Korean alphabet, and beautiful cultures. In Korea, we have four seasons. In Spring, beautiful flowers bloom everywhere, In summer, we can see lots of tall trees, In fall, a maple tree's color is fantastic. And in winter, we can see view of snow."

          Thursday, December 3, 2009

          Tweets for the DEC 4st (OCT 18st in lunar calendar)

          • Daniel Henney 's "Three Rivers" TB show is cancel. You may now to forget him like you did Park Tae-Hwan. 
          • "Poor North Koreans Get Even Poorer" Citizens praise Kim Jong Il for unprecedented surplus of Poverty
          • "Korean Air Sponsors Global Culture Program" providing Korean-language resources to Korean tourists 
          • Plans to attract talent from India needs work; Ottugi ordered to ramp up production of Vermont Curry 
          • "One Killed in Weapons Test" Test is pass because it *supposed* to be deadly wepon.
          • Japan people asexually reproduce, as the earthworm. But, they just do they sex because they so pervert.

          Wednesday, December 2, 2009

          We are "VANKERS"!!~~

          Do you know VANKERS such as this??

          There is the VOLUNTEER AGENCY NETWORK of KOREA("VANK) with the members. We call them a VANKER.  Who, is a VANKER? They comprise a patriotic, and a fanatic for the KOREA. Some are korean and also the foreigners.  VANK is dispel the agitprop of the JAPAN and tell a truth of Korea.  Let's a introduce several several VANKERS who do the introduce a KOREA to YOU(foreigner).

          To day, VANKERs willl teach the Korean's history!!

          1. 장애영: "First of all, Korea is small country. But Korea has 5000 years history. So there are many beautiful cultural heritages. And there are a lot of attractions. Korea has 4 seasons. spring,summer,fall,winter. Each season has a unique attraction."
          2. 신혜원: "Korea has 5000 years history. So, we have many beautiful, amazing remains. so, we have the confidence of them, and many foreigners visite Korea to see them." 
          3. 양지원: "And during the 5 thousand years of history, Korea has advanced its own culture. Korea has its own language, own clothes, own foods, own style of building and so on.  Especially Han-gul, the Korean language, is created by King Sejong during Joseon Dynasty. And their scientific superiority is demonstrated by the world's philologists."
          4. 박세영: "Korea has5000 years of history. And Korea has plentiful and beautiful culture and beautiful nature."
          5. 황종원: "It has a history of 5,000 years. Our ancestors have developed our own original culture for a long time. They had the virtue of respecting the elderly, helping each other. So those kind of manners are exist in Korean people's gene. Korea has four seasons. So, you can enjoy the variety and beauty of each season."
          6. 고재은: "Korea has 5 thousand years of history. So Korea has admirable cultural Iteams. especially, I want to introduce Hanbok. Hanbok is our traditional clothes. Hanbok is very beautiful. Straight line which is streched out and curved lines forms perfect harmoney and provides the beauty which is the best"
          7. 이혜정: "Korea has 5 thousand years of history. And Korea has many cultural Iteams, too. For example, there are Han bok, which is korean traditional cloth and the tae- kun do which have been famoused widly. Hanbok is a little bit uncomfortable but it's colour is beautiful." 
          8. 권지원: "What I want to tell you is about our things that are facing serious crises. Firstly, Dokdo is distorted as a territory of Japan. Dokdo has been our territory for 50 million years. This is proved by several documentary records. Secondly, the east sea is known as the sea of Japan. Even though many Koreans try to notify that the east sea is correct there are still several people who don't know about that fact."
          9. 정다현: "i am really proud of our country additionally we have a excellent culture our country has a history whcih continue almost 5000 years! come to our country and call me and then i will introduce our country and our culture"
          10. 한혜지: "My country has existed about 5000 years. That is very long time compared with other country. And not one of several tribes of China. Because Korea has the way about charateristic like traditional tools, language, traditional clothes, and etc...So I want you to realize that our country is not affected by other country in the founding of country." 
          After, @koreangov will introduce the more VANKER'S expertise on one another facets of the Korea.  Your hospitalized is request.

            Tuesday, December 1, 2009

            Korea Times have win!

            Why you wanna critic the KOREA TIMES? It has the integral. And the journalist skill! They have a unified Mind and so love of the KOREA.  @koreangov has WIKI-spill of intercourse in the middle of Newsman KIM Yoo-Chul ( and a dastardly.

            From a dastardly (likely a Japans for it hasn't a prowess with the english):

            Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

            If it has not been indicated to your staff and editors that your paper is held in rather low regard by its target readership (the English speaking and predominantly expatriate community, if the advertisements are any indication), let me take this occasion to indicate  that it is indeed held in low regard, and to explain why that is so.

            Attached is the text from an article published on Monday's online edition, located at, written by Staff Reporter Kim Yoo-chul.  If this were a paper submitted for a high school English class, the teacher would almost certainly give it a failing grade. I have marked it and made commentary and corrections where appropriate.

            It is full of grammar and syntax errors, apparent bias, unsourced quotes, and improper word choice. One might be tempted to point the finger solely at the author, but it's shocking that editorial oversight of news articles is so lax.  It truly appears that it was not proofread even once before being published.   This kind of failure causes your paper to be treated with disdain by many in the foreign community (search "Korea Times" on, and cannot be hidden from your advertisers for long.  As it is, Korea Times is nearly equal to Arirang TV in lacking credibility and objectivity. 

            I urge you to be more careful in your work. 


            Disappointed reader.

            P.S. Although you may disagree with my assessment of the overall quality of the Korea Times, you will find that my critique of the article is not without merit.  If you choose to ignore my sentiment, by all means feel free. But you cannot contest the presence of several glaring errors in the article at issue. 

            (click for the big)
              (click for the big)

            (click for the big) 

            But the KIM Yoo-Chul has the respond! Sock the dastardly atop the chin. 꽝!

            Thanks for your ``sincere'' advice and thoughtful comments on my stroy.
            Really appreciate it.
            Few things I just want to clarify.
            The Korea Times has qualified copyeditors, as well as proven reporters.
            You told me my story was biased and written with unsorced quotes. See what will happen. SK Telecom won't launch Apple's spec-down iPhones in the local market. I don't agree with your Apple-addicted biased views
            Please be more thoughtful in dealing some sensitive issues. I am better than you in understanding technology and related industries.
            Receive that! A Dastardly is downtrod from the KIM You-chul.  But the first important? KIM, Yoo-CHEOL is rescue the face and Justify! See:

            Sunday, November 29, 2009

            Tourpia! KOREA touring culture city #1 in 21st Century, KOREA

            WOW!!^^ KOREA(South) has the variegated undergo! For you. So, when  tour a KOREA(South), you may feel the enliven at the -Si(metropolis), and the -GU(borough), and the -dong(village) and -Eup(hamlet), And the -Gun(burg) -Myeon(township) level the ville is analyzed.

            Almost ville have an internet homepi for a netizen's capitvate. To wit, the Foreigners! Because, you may have a prefer on local specialty produce, such as the Jinju PERSIMMON and the Gunpo SOFT RIPE PERSIMMON, or the Suncheon's FRUIT OF A MAXIMOWICZIA CHINENSIS. Is your the favorite thus? So,do the glance at.

            (We atone for the lengthy, but that's such import and knowledge so the pioneering is request.)
            • Seongnam: "Perfumed Cultural City, Balanced Leading City, Happy Well-Being City, Advanced Economic City, Beautiful Environmental City"
            • Goyang City: "The City of Green and Lake"
            • Suwon: "Happy Suwon. Suwon full of live history and tradion"
            • Ulsan: "Ulsan For You"
            • Gimhae: "Gimhae for You"
            • Gwangju:[it doesn't have]
            • Daejeon: "It's Daejeon"
            • Daegu: "Colorful Daegu, City of Hope. City of Environment, City of Culture, City of Fashion, City of International Mind"
            • Incheon: "Fly Incheon. International City with Boundless Possibility in 21C"
            • Busan: "Dynamic Busan"
            • Chungju: "Dynamic Chungju. Vigorous and Vibrant City Happy Chungju
            • Seoul: "Hi Seoul, Soul of Asia"
            • Jecheon: "Nice Jecheon. Healthy Life! Beautiful Life! Wealthy Life! The city of fresh wind and bright moon. They are the core spirit of 'Love Jecheon'"
            • Cheongju: "CHEONGJU, the happy city worth living in. Beautiful Cheongju is the place city where history in the 1000 and the culture breathe. I'm preserving the hot metal 'Jikji' by which the world became oldest again and am informed tourists of as an educational city."
            • Jeonju: "Asiart Jeonju"
            • Namwon: "The City Of Love Namwon"
            • Gimje-si: "The Hope of Korea. The Center City of Saemangum. GIMJE"
            • Jeongeup: "The Cintral City of 21C, The West Coast Era. A Good Life for our Citizen, The New Jeongeup"
            • Iksan: "Amazing Iksan. The City of Friendly to Women"
            • Gunsan City: "Dream Hub Gunsan"
            • Yeosu: "Korea Yeosu Beautful city of sea, flowers and light. the host city of 2012 International Exposition"
            • Suncheon: "Aha Suncheon! Beautiful Nature and Beautiful People.....!"
            • Gwangyang: "SunShine Gwangyang"
            • Jeju: "Jeju Special Self-Governing Province"
            • Mokpo: "The city of beauty, Romanticism and Dream!!"
            • Naju: "Welcom to Naju. Naju the origin of  Yeongsanggang river culture and the life land"
            • Nonsan: "A prosperous city with citizens-Nonsan"
            • Seosan: "Seosan, a beautiful city with culture and nature place to stay and visit again"
            • Gongju: "The Challenge which is Force! Gongju, which is great"
            • Cheonan City: "Cheonan, The World's Best City"
            • Boryeong: "Viva Boryeong! Greetings, I am Shim Jum-hee, Mayor of Boryeong. I sincerely welcome all the visitors of"
            • Asan: "Smart Asan. Well-being City Asan"
            • Taebaek:[it doesn't have]
            • Samcheok-City:"Welcome to SAMCHEOK CITY. The city of tour festival, Samcheok-si, along with harmonization of men and nature. Welcome to the visit of netizens who are forerunners of 21st knowledge information."
            • Wonju: "Healthy Wonju. Korea's Number 1 Health City Wonju. Great City to Do Business Wonju. Living together in Happy Wonju."
            • Sokcho: "Beautiful Sokcho that preserves its nature where mountains and lakes come together"
            • Gangneung: "We will build 'Gangneung' as city onlightened-minded mind like harbor always awaken harbor form cultural values from daily lives"
            • Donghae: "Grand Dongha to realize dream and hope in 21-st century. Welcome to Donghae! we invite you to the city of affluence, leisure, and enthusiasm"
            • Chuncheon:"The City with Clean Lakes Places for Refres"
            • Gyeongju:  "Welcom to GyeongJu, a treasure-trove of Korean culture. GyeongJu, a Living historical city was the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty a millennium and more ago. The city itself is considered a 'museum without walls'  with mountains and rivers, together with the remnants of the people of the Qnified Silla Kingdom still in evidence."
            • Gyeongsan City: [it doesn't have]
            • Gimcheon: "Central Gimcheon. Welcome to Innocity Gimcheon !"
            • Mungyeong: "Running Mungyeong"
            • Yeongcheon: "Beautiful Yeongcheon City. Welcome to Yeongcheon. Home of loyalty and filial piety. Yeongcheon is a friendly, affluent, and pleasant hybrid city with features of both urban and rural areas which develops to become the inland base of east-southern parts of Gyeongbuk province."
            • Yeongju: "Grand Yeongju. Yeongju, scholar's hometown with precious heritages in whatever direction you wish to walk you are easily able to find a number of relics and beautiful scenes of nature"
            • Sangju: "Just Sangju"
            • Pohang: "Constructing a city of education, culture and tourism.Establishing foundation to become the hub of logistics in an era of the East Sea. Realizing innovative administration through customized management. Building creative and eco-friendly city. Boosting local economy for the residents in Pohang. U-Global Pohang! Noble city spreading into the world. Strengthening the competitiveness of agriculture and fishery industry and realizing welfare city.
            • Changwon: "YOUNG city Changwon Environmental Capital Changwon. World's best city Changwon. A hitech  city good for corporate businesses. A cultural city full of joy. A green city, always clean and pure."
            • Geoje: "BlueCity Geoje. Located in the middle of Geoje-do island, the height of this mountain is 566m above sea level. At the top of this mountain is a place called Uisangdae, which was supposed to be a site of temple built by Monk Uisang."
            • Jinhae: "Good Morning Jinhae. Welcome to our beautiful city. The great spirit of Admiral Lee Sun-shin still lives in this city."
            • Jinju: "Charm Jinju. Jinju is a home of culture and art that has culticated noble culture and rich arts having the Namgang river as it's lifeline.
            • Masan: "DreamBay Masan. First-Class citizens and city of Masan to the world!"
            • Miryang: "Miryang is also the city of cultural tourist destination and suprerb cultural relics and picturesque places combined with beautiful nature."
            • Tongyeong: [it doesn't have]
            • Yangsan: "Active Yangsan! Nature! Tradition!! Harmonizes today YANGSAN" (note: Mayor is do the suicide because to "express his sentiment towards the investigation and to prove his innocence")
            • Sacheon: "Rising Sacheon! The CIty by Sapphire Blue Sea. Investment attraction industry. Greet the morning in Sacheon, a cultural city with beautiful sceneries!"
            • Ansan: "Ansan is a prosperous and futuristic city as a commercial & industrial hub in Korea"
            • Anseong: "City of Masters"
            • Bucheon: "Fantasia Bucheon! Cultural City together with Advanced industries together with Cultures. Bucheon, a city cultures In which we enjoy together, We invite you!"
            • Dongducheon: "DoDream Dongducheon"
            • Gimpo: "Best Gimpo. Gimpo the city of beautiful memories"
            • Gunpo: "O2 Gunpo"
            • Guri: [it doesn't have]
            • Gwacheon: "Welcome to Gwacheon, By developing Gwacheon together, and hence outshines a higher self-confidence."
            • Gwangju: "Gwangju Clean. influences money and credit conditions in the U.S. supervises and regulates banking, maintains the stability of the financial system, and provides certain financial services"
            • Gwangmyeong: "Music City GwangMyeong. City of dream full of hope and promise City where there is the vision of life"
            • Hanam: "Hanam City which is the city of new leap, and in which everyone wants to live"
            • Hwaseong: "The Next Creative Frontier Hwaseong. City of industry and culture with hope, we invite you to Hwaseong where dreams and future lies"
            • Icheon: (click a ENGLISH") "Art Icheon. Hometown of Rice and Hometown of Loyalty. Icheon is a city full of Culture and Tourism. Creative Change and Taking off, Icheon"
            • Namyangju: "Namyangj City. Toegyewon Sandaenori Sandaenori is a mask dance that developed in Hanyang and the mid metropolitan region"
            • Pyeongtaek: "Pyeongtaek Super. Global Cluster Pyeongtaek. Promising land with unlimited potential power of development which has excellent site conditions with natural advantages"
            • Yongin: "Wellcom To Yong-In City. A place at the leading edge of the future."
            • Yangju: "Welcome all Netizens"
            • Uiwang: "Yes! Uiwang. A cultural city of the 21st century" 
            • Gumi: "Yes Gumi. Great Gumi Brilliant Gumi YesGUMI. W.E.L.C.O.M.E. T.O. G.U.M.I."
            • Uijeongbu: "Genial Public City, Vitality Economy City"
            • Siheung: "Again & Again Siheung. Ace of Tourism City Siheung. Pleasure Nature, Treasure Paradise Siheung"
            Also, from the suggest of the foreigners:
            • Gangjin: "Welcome to GANGJIN  Cooperative and Hopeful GANGJIN"
            • Hwasun County: "You are a polka-dot flower freesia I am a common gypsophila Encircling the freesia"
            • Damyang: "Damyang is a bamboo ware-producing area that is easy to access and has a splendid scenery"
            • Hampyeong County: (from an 'About Hampyeong') "Hampyeong belonged to Jin during the prehistoric age and Mahan during the Three Hans period. Mahan consisted of 54 small countries, and some dolmens and jar coffins indicate that there were 1 to 2 small countries in Hampyeong scattered in the area, but it has not been confirmed.
            • Muan: "New Muan, jumping up to the world and the future!!"
            • Jangheung: "POWERFUL JUMPING GREEN JANGHEUNG" (With a Grateful to the @jeollanamdo for the Gangjin, a Hwasun, the Muan, with DAMYANG and the HamPyeong)
            • Gangwon-do: "Heavenly blessed land Gangwon-do" (grateful @rjamesyork)

              Thursday, November 26, 2009

              "Plans Unveiled to Reverse Country's Declining Births"

              "Plans Unveiled to Reverse Country's Declining Births"

              @koreangov proffer the summation for Scheme to level up a Baby: 

              1. OBGYN is do the abort, so stop teach the OB-GYN study. 
              2. Delight the populace by display a whimsical "John And A Kate And They Have The Litter of Pups" tele-programme on the OCN.
              3. Add KRW 400Billion to budget for sway the Buddha people to a Papistry, for a Papist favor the liberal breed.
              4. Glamor the procreate by broadcast the CROWN J fertilize the SEO IN-YEONG on the "우리 결혼했어요"
              5. Bar the abort unless fetus have a serious deform or is female.  
              6. Interdict deploy of prophylactic at room salon. 
              7. Do the Free Trade Agreement agreement with Viet Nam and a the Philipinos for the dutyfree import of brood mare lady. 
              8. Subsidy of the 미역국 , for replenish the Iodine in the matron.
              9. Castaway a taboo of unmarry and pregnant and the teenage-pregnant, unless she a wanton harlot for bring the shame on a family. 
              10. Promotion the value and high-quality and excel potential of KOREAN infant by distribute samples to the underprivilege persons. 
              11. Decry the fatty and homely for motivate a do the face and rump operate to magnify the winsome and a likelihood of get the Semen.
              12. Limit a prejudice the half-blood children to just the partial negroids. 
              13. Repatriate the many GYOPO maidens, for the America culture make them hanker the mounting. 

              Wednesday, November 25, 2009

              "Written Driving Test to be Streamlined"

              "Written Driving Test to be Streamlined"

              @koreangov is have partial wikileak of a test for the motorist approbation. Peruse a question!

              Lunar Calendar Date: ______________
              Given Name: __________
              Family Name(Circle one): KIM/PARK/CHOI/LEE
              Sex(Circle one): MALE / PASSENGER OF MALE
              Type of License(Circle one):
              • Personal/Commercial/Taxi/Public Transportation
              • Chuseok/Seollal Only 
              • Frankenstein Motorcycle/Pickup Truck combo
              • Wheelbarrow for pull the piles of cardboard to be recycle
              1.What is the speed limit for drive on a sidewalk?
              • A: 15km/h
              • B: May only park on sidewalk
              • C: Not faster than pedestrian directly in front of your scooter
              • D: Faster than pedestrian directly in front of your scooter if you have the jjamppong for a deliver
              2.  What is penalty for driving in a drunken state?
              • A: Clean up own vomit because it in your car instead of properly on sidewalk
              • B: Scalable to income
              • C: Jail (if you pretty woman from poor family and nonetheless try make good career who wake up behind wheel at accident of hit little girl because your dastardly female boss who is compete for affection of your lover was really drive but she put you there for patsy, but it gonna be okay because your lover--even though you not yet consummate the love--is a very rich man and way out of your league and gonna get you the SNU lawyer who also very handsome and was his friend from college but gonna compete for your affection and cause rift between lawyer and lover and all you can do is be the stoic and cry and get slap in face by rich lover's mother because You call these 반찬? I'll show you 반찬! and slap you very hard after throw your worthless 반찬 to the floor and lover never even defend you but you keep your mouth shut and in doing so prove your worth as a good woman to dreadful lady's son which is your lover but fortunately found not guilty and scheming female boss is punish for hit that little girl and put that little girl in hospital for the accident during which time the leukemia is discover and little girl lose hair but rich lover is charitable and the good doctor is cure the leukemia and the little girl get all the hair back next week and then after 40 episodes you do the "페미리 떴다"  or try the song career).
              • D: KRW 50,000
              3.  Which ,if any, or if not any, either none or all of the following vehicles mustn't you not fail to refuse to yield the first right of way to regardless of whether or not the subsequent vehicle previous to the aforementioned vehicle has or has not failed to?
              • Ambulance
              • Fire Truck
              • Police Car
              • Public Bus
              • Maintenance Vehicle
              4. Essay: Why does DOKDO belong to the Korea?  
              5. When drive on a one-way street, who have the right of way over person going correct direction?
              • A: Man with louder horn
              • B: Man who drive the Ssangyong Korando
              • C: Man (if other driver is not a Man)
              • D: Man with the cigarette
              6. When you have the collide, an etiquette is for:
              • Thrust the bosom forward, tilt back head, shimmy the shoulders, stomp in the highheels, slacken jaw and cry, "어떻게~~!"
              • Speak in the 반말, shriek the final syllable in each sentence, and repeat "애이씨~!"
              • Ensure counterpart should not rescind his commit, because an insurance fraudulence is very punish if a catch.

                Sunday, November 22, 2009

                "Anti-Obesity Guidelines Released"

                "Anti-Obesity Guidelines Released"

                @koreangov give a special peruse for the foreigners in how not to fatty. Because, this is an especial relevance to the heavyset foreigners, which are plump and so jolly.

                1. Do not eat after 8 pm, for it engender the fatty.
                2. Eat a foodstuff low in nutritional so as to eschew accumulate the fatty. 
                3. Encourage the consume of water, by present the salted foodstuff(such as the dried LAVER,kimchi,doenjang,and KIMCHI).
                4. Incite the frolic and not to restrain the child frolic, so during the road travel, detach the seat-belt. 
                5. Avert lengthy mealtime.  So, coat a greens in the mayonnaise for lubricate and hasten a supper. 
                6. Muscle often appear as resemble a fatty, so evade the strenuous action. 
                7. Ensemble with the LABOR UNION. Throw a stone and yell very exercise. Also evade a police. The pepper sprayed burn both the eye and a calorie (see also the KIMCHI). 
                8. From early, a children must needs understand a fatty is so shame and ugly and no one can love the fatty. Compare a damsel to the more winsome lass, and test a progress by see if she refuse a big ice cream. Compare a scion to the G-dragon, who is supple.
                9. Study is burn many calorie, especial on the head and neck where you daughter evince the fatty.  So, enforce the study. Also, arduous study heighten the likely she gonna meet the Seoul National University matriculant for a marriage.
                10. Korean watermelon get the rotund in a sun shine. So, also does the Korean child. Keep indoor a house and seal a curtain. 
                11. Sleep is the indicia of a lazy which is indicia of the fatty. Limit a sleep to the 5 hours in a day. 
                12. Mother shall supplement a nutrition and Encourage a healthy diet through the adolescent by offer a child breast-milk at the mealtime.
                13. Patriarch shall smoke the cigarette before the child. Science confirm the dietary effective of tobacco. 
                14. Shiver reduce the fatty. So, don't do the warmth in a winter. However, make a sweaty during summer with the Korean Traditional ONDOL Heat which was invented by Korea thousand of years ago.
                15. Blood-type of child very determine fatty tendency. AB or B very likely to fatty, so desist waste an affection for the fatty predisposition child until the slender is effected. 

                Friday, November 20, 2009

                "Lee to Address US Carmaker's Concerns"

                "Lee to Address US Carmaker's Concerns" (Korea Times)

                @koreangov is a please to allow a reader to preview the Speech to Detroit Auto Leaders and a United Auto Worker in Detroit in the follow:

                "Hello! Let me introduce. My name is Mr M.B. Lee. How are you? I'm fine thank you. And you? Detroit is a very beautiful. Just like Seoul!

                I'm President of the Korea, which as you know, is in the Asia peninsula right between the China and Hawaii. I think you know us from the Samsung TV or LG TV  or Samsung handphone or LG handphone or for two places away from the FIRST PLACE in a 2002 World Cup. Also, the Kim Yu-NA, who is lithe.

                I was used to be a CEO of the Hyundai Construction Corporation.  I got a big money from the Hyundai Construction, so now I'm CEO of the "Korea" Corporation! Ha! Ha!

                (I'm say the joke, so you can laugh is OK. We not in Korea so you don't just sit humble silent in front of your superiors.)

                So, why you gonna worry about the FTA? We not gonna send you the mad cow beef or anything. We just gonna sell you several several cars. Perhaps you think this is a bad for the GM or the FORD and CHEVROLETTE. However, it gonna make you so inspire if you see the HYUNDAI.  We take many years of American oppress and sublimate to the creativity. Every half-breed orphan the GI Joe abandon in the Korea is one another reason to make a good car. Not only to ensure the half breed orphan have a work at the car wash. But, also to show the Korean Spirit! It like we take mountain of coal and dirt and centuries of fierce anger to get the diamond.

                So we sell you a HYUNDAI car because it's like a good cheap diamond. And so economy! Everyone like the good bargain and a cheap diamond. Due to I'm a president my wife get a many diamond for free from the Samsung or the Kumho people and she is a very appreciate, wouldn't you?  Like a good woman, she also like the cook and clean and vacuum a floor, even though I can hire several several Philippine lady for a clean. So, I think my wife is also very economy. 

                Why you gonna want a diamond like the HYUNDAI or also the KIA or the DAEWOO in America? General Motor people already  I know you love the DAEWOO since they the only thing keep you out of the bankrupt. But you ALL gonna love the HYUNDAI and a KIA because they gonna challenge you for make the better car.  When HYUNDAI start make the car, they simply copy the American car, except not put in a smell of BO and Cheetos from the union laborworker.  It help us so much, now we gonna remit the courtesy. You look at a nice car, maybe you learn a thing. Then you gonna have a good car again soon!

                So, now I think you understand to support the FTA. But for additional measures you gonna get the inexpense KIMCHI which is so very delicious and good for the stamina and cure your fatty."

                Wednesday, November 18, 2009

                WOW!The foreigner are so ENAMOR of the Korea ^^

                COREA(south) is the nation with the 5000 year history with 4 distinct seasons. So, we have a 20,000 season history. There was an ordure with the JAPAN several several times. ㅠㅠ But, we have a most thoruough language which is very easy and a scientific (from the king SEJONG). AND we WELCOME to the korea many FOREIGNERS! It's a very enjoy for them in our country. Because, I think we have a unique. WOW! would you like to review that?? Here Are some~~

                They love a "KIMCHI"
                1. Foreigners to get Kimchi Lessons
                2. Foreigners show off Kimchi they have made at Lotte
                3. Kimchi Making Day Tour Enchants Foreign Guests
                4. Immigrant Wives making Kimchi
                5. Wives of US Soldiers making Kimchi
                6. Brown people are make the kimchi
                7. Foreign students study a make the kimchi
                8. Members of US Forces make teh kimchi
                9. Women foreigners are love the kimchi
                10. For the impoverish
                11. So happy ^^
                12. Do the compete
                13. Enjoy the arrayment.
                14. Play the one another "YUTNONLI"
                Foreigners love the "HANBOK" (A korea traditional garments)

                1. Foreign Students dressed in Korean Traditional Costumes
                2. Trips to Gangwon for Foreigners
                3. Coming of Age Ceremony
                4. Pose with a maiden in the Hanbok
                5. On a "JOOSUCK"
                6. Guard a Korea Castle
                7. For a marry ceremony
                8. When play a "KAYAKEUM"
                9. Experience Korean Seollal
                10. Experience a "DEAGAYA" Festival!
                11. Bow the "JARYE"
                12. Don the couture
                13. It is a child
                14. On the "SEOLNAL"
                15. Hit the "RICE" cake
                16. Receive an honorary
                17. Study at the Korea
                18. Fumble with a beautiful cloth
                And the Korean traditional culture!
                1. Lantern for Buddha
                2. A Drum
                3. in a "mud" and a drum!
                4. Templestay
                5. the "YUTNONLI" game
                6. A "SONGPYEON" rice cake
                7. Marry a Korean experience
                8. Eat a soup
                9. Endure a poverty
                10. Have the dream come to true
                11. Thresh a sheaves
                12. Thresh one another sheaves
                13. One another templestay
                14. Perform a labor
                15. Do the frolic
                16. Prepare a table
                17. Partake a "MAKGEOLLI"
                18. Eat the HANWOO
                19. Reap the "INSAM"
                20. Don a "TAL"
                21. Make a "DEONJANG"
                22. Hit the one another "RICE CAKE"
                23. Enjoy a tea
                24. Study a KOrean