Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olimpics is finish

@koreangov did one another semester in VANCOUVER of Canadia. Did you know Korea is win the whole Olimpic? Kim Yuna win 14 gold medals and then skate over Anton Ohno and carve out he's gall bladder with triple lutz. Then she sell a gallbladder to the Chinaman for penis medicine and give money to orphan babies in the house of the unwanted child in Korea. Then remind Ohno that he was unwanted child. Ohno's mother was abandon him after it was hatched for the shame of do the hump a treacherous Japanese man.

KIM, Yuna has generosity like MOON, Geunyeoung but not invite the punch in she's face like MOON, Geunyeoung.  And you will please learn to pronounce correctly "YUNA" not "YUNA".

And, Ohno has a such queer name~~ Oh! No! So you can laugh him so hearty. But, there is many historical evidence that Ohno murdered his mother and then disgraced her the body.

Next year, Korea get more gold skate medals! And then again in PYEONGCHANG 2014! Which have the luscious perilla frutescens and so savory cucimis melo var. makuwa which is traditional Korean fruit which you must familiar the taste from the cucumis velo var mukawa ice Cream. 

So, @koreangov was study hard in Vancouver and improve English so vastly.  Are you can tell? But, @koreangov return home in our country now for the blonde woman in Vancouver get the retraining order. I tell a Judger I go to Vancouver for retrain the English and he tell me to go home Korea now because stockings on blonde woman are illegal. Korean woman have the modest and wear stockings but Canadia is so crazy people!  Blonde woman was so fickle and shun my gift set of cooking oil on Seollal. Also shun love letter I write in blood which was laborious. I very love her. 

So, return to work! But also so busy with TOEIC so the frequent posting is not very contemplate.

Also, earlier post was a HACKER! I ring up the immigrant squadron and they spirit away the unqualified foreigner so hastily! If there isn't the several several ActiveX in my computer, maybe it was very much worse than just a HACKER post the Officil Weblog of the Repulic of KOREA(SOUTH)!


danielle said...

Well, THANK GOD you're back.

DrugstoreCowgirl said...

I can't even explain how excited I was to see a new post from @koreangov. I love you!

Ajay said...

Do you know? I happy is you back. I pray see more posts now.

Korean Rum Diary said...

Is this a permanent return? I noticed you're Tweeting again.